Monday, March 31, 2008

Our First Week On Vacation


Time with the Family in Lebanon...Being able to be there for Seth's receiving his endowment in the temple, seeing Kaylie perform, being awed again while whale watching, having all night testimony sharing and strengthening talks, cherishing the cold foggy days as much as the sunshiny ones, comforting sick little ones through the wee hours of the morning, missing my love and remembering how dear he is to me, loving the sight of my family interacting with their granddaughters and nieces, laughing hysterically at the feel of horseback riding (love it love it!) being able to see the family in action and share one on one many miracles.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


There is nothing like a well planned surprise. Not only do I love being surprised, I love surprising! This trip of surprising family sure gave me a rush.

After arriving in Oregon we sneeked into my Dad's work, bombarded my sister Kaylie in the middle of play practice at her school, and startled the two boys- Nate and Seth at home. In Utah we totally shocked Jamie who thought she was picking up someone else at the airport, and excited a suspicious Mckay, Heather and Jake in St.George.

It was such an adventure trying to play off how we weren't able to be there, and at times it was rather hard to cover up. Since my family is so big on surprises, their reactions were priceless. And each time they made us feel so loved in their expressions of joy in our coming.

What are some surprises you've had in your life?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Full Circle

Starting at 4:00am three weeks ago in San Antonio we've gone to Denver, Portland, Lebanon, Portland, Newport, Lebanon, Eugene, Ashland, Eugene, Portland, Salt Lake, Provo, St. George, Las Vegas, and finally arrived home to San Antonio a little after 4:00am this morning. I feel like I have three weeks worth of posts on file in my brain and can hardly wait to spill out all the treasures I've been storing. I also can't wait to get back into hearing what's been going on in your lives.

Last night was something else. I laugh and roll my eyes just thinking about it. As the gals and I took off at 11:00pm I had high hopes for a red eye, children sleeping through flight. Oh' that's just idealistic me though. I had to laugh out loud when at close to 3:00 am I had finally calmed them down enough to fall asleep, just in time to hear the pilot announce that we were making our final descent into San Anotion.

The miracle here...the three flights previous that my daughters were angelic... and those wonderful co-flyer's of mine who (after hours of coping with fussy children interrupting there hopeful sleep time)could have been ornery, put out and frustrated but instead were patient, gracious and even complimentary to me. Here's to the understanding and forgiving people in the world, and... reconsidering my next red eye flight.

PS- Why isn't could've a word? It should be.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Why The Famine?

Some of you may be wondering more of a reason for the long pause in posting...well, the SURPRISE IS finally OUT! We made a undercover trek to visit mine and Spencer's family in Oregon and somehow, after weeks of cover up, were able to surprise them. I can hardly wait to post about all the little miracles we've had in our precious family time. I am now in St. George for a few more days and will fly back with the girls to meet up with Spencer who couldn't join us for the entire 3 weeks.

Oh' I just feel so overwhelmed in love and blessings...Family is one of Father's most gracious gifts He's bestowed. The source of many miracles.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Yet A Great Way Off: Aren't We All Prodigals

I have been reflecting a great deal on the compassion shown in the account of the prodigal son found in the Bible. I find it a miracle that this loving father forgives his son even before forgiveness is asked of him. That instead of waiting for his rebellious child to make it into his home and beg for mercy- just the sight of his coming is enough to send the father leaping to meet and embrace him. What a great example this is to me.

I guess we might all be considered prodigal children to our Father in Heaven since we are most certainly at times wayward or wasteful.I know our Perfect Father longs to reach for us, even when we are still a great way off.

"...But when he was yet a great way off, his father saw him, and had compassion, and ran, and fell on his neck, and kissed him."(Luke 15: 11-32)

The fact that our Father is just waiting, anxious to embrace us in our coming to Him-
truly one of life's most priceless gifts and undeserving miracles

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Blogging has been a great resource for me to express my opinion, think out my voice, record my experiences and simply share what's in my heart. I feel rewarded in doing it just for myself and added thrill thinking that someone else might read it and have feelings or experience that could build upon my own. But let's talk about YOU and your blogging. I feel like I am immersed in great novels as I read your blogs. I find myself anticipating the next chapter of your lives. I feel such emotions through your sharings from hysteric laughter to intense sorrow. Always you make me reflect on how I can be better and how I can enjoy my days more. I am so thankful to have been able to catch up with old friends and learn more about the new ones. It is fantastic to have such a way to get to know people I admire, since we all have limited time in our days, we can still have a sense that we are a part of each others lives. I just want to thank you for the efforts, big or small, you put into sharing your lives with me. I really feel inspired by you and know that anything that can be so uplifting comes from Heaven.

One of my dear and avid blog checking friends asked me what has happened to my nearly daily updates. Well, for the two of you out there who check my blog longing to see what I had to share today, I hope you'll forgive me for a bit. We are working out a new schedule in our family and I am trying to be more productive with my evenings. Since Spence teaches early morning seminary and the only time I get the Internet is at night when he is home, I have been known to stay up (too late) blogging. I feel maybe my days had been suffering a bit and I have been challenging myself to try and go to bed early and rise with my hubby. No, have no fear, I am not leaving the blogging realm. I just need to readjust and balance out my life a little bit and make sure I am obligated to the most important priorities. Since blogging has been such a great way for me to feel the spirit, use my mind and expression, reflect upon my simple life, and learn so much from you- I will definitely continue. But for the next few weeks (Spencer has spring break and we have some little family projects and outings we're trying to plan) my posts may be more sparse than frequent.

I hope you'll join me again soon- post life balancing break. And as always, I look forward to your next chapters. Carry on!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Going to the Temple

Of course everything about the temple and the ordinances we participate in there, is miraculous. I made an appointment for myself to go Saturday and I am not exaggerating when I say Friday night felt like Christmas Eve. I had set out my clothes, even ironed my dress, had everything ready so I wouldn't forget. The morning came and when I woke early, I still felt like I was going to some special party or event I had been greatly anticipating (I guess that is exactly what it is). I don't know why I was so excited this particular visit, except that maybe I just really needed it.

As I sat back in reflection I was so grateful that for a few hours my time stood still. I know the minutes were ticking by, but to me I felt on heavens timetable and I could really put a different perspective on my life and where I was in it. I had some great impressions and ideas for personal growth and change.

It was just a miracle to have that time...and I hope it's not long before I am back there again.