Saturday, December 26, 2009

He's Here!!

Well... he's been here! 7 weeks already actually! Our little Jericho Bryven (after his Grandpa's BRYant and SteVEN) Was Born November 2nd via C-Section (due to placenta previa). He was 8lbs. 1ounc. 22 inches long. He's more than a delight. It's just amazing to have him in our home, to feel his light, to snuggle up to, to kiss, to sing to, to dream about, to love and feel his love. We are so blessed and honored to have him come to our family. At 5 weeks he weighed in at 11lbs. 15 ounc. and was nearly 25 inches long-yahoo! He's growing strong and eating lots. He now smiles and can balance his head a bit.

He appears to have his Daddy's big blue eyes, his Grandpa's temperaments, He's just perfect.

Welcome precious Boy. We love you

This is indeed our merriest Christmas...

(Sorry for the neglect in blogging, we no longer have internet at home, but are holidaying on the Texas Coast!)