Sunday, November 14, 2010

November in Texas

For Today: There's just something amazing about being able to swim comfortably in the Ocean, IN NOVEMBER! ...and jumping in an ocean-side heated pool afterwards. :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Too Excited To Stand It!

For Today: It's tradition round our house, like most of ya'alls- to make and decorate a special cake for the Birthday person. I yield some of my perfectionist reign to the exploratory skills of my children. Usually makes for several adventurous hours. Jericho's cake making this year was a hoot! You see, My Morzy- despite my best sugar rationing efforts- is admittedly "in love" with treats. Watching her have to spend hours with her hands drenched in her greatest temptation was like watching an alcoholic at a wine tasting event (since I've seen that before...ha). I could tell it was all she could do to not dive into the cake. The next day, Spence and I watched this Saturday Night Live clip and it so reminded me of her. I admire people who live with such excitability and uncontrollable passion.

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Nod to the Cart Full

For today: Have you ever seen one of these? I hadn't. Totally made my running-around-with-my-three-little-duckies day. Felt like someone was acknowledging me in my Mothering efforts, a little tap on the back of encouragement. It was gratifying to park here, and I proudly unloaded my crew into the shopping cart. It seemed too good to be true. I looked around me feeling as though some secret camera were recording me for a "mothers in action" segment. Someone at this store understands. It just felt good. (Despite the fact that I got my wallet stolen at the same store, but that's another story- let's enjoy the sign)... :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh Boy, I Got Joy

When I realized my last post was announcing the arrival of our precious boy and yesterday we celebrated our first year with him, I nudgingly thought it due time to dust off the 'ole blog and get to postin. It sure helps that I discovered a simple email method of posting from my phone so I no longer have the excuse of the "no computer with internet". I am! Nearly a year later with many a topics and adventures to discuss. Expect the post to be a comin! For today: One of our new favorite Joy School songs that we dramatically sing around our house declares "Oh boy! I got Joy, I do, I do"! We relish it in all it's cheesy glory. We sing it mostly because of our little Jericho. "Ko", "Koz", "Kozy", "Bruds" (brother), of all his nicknames, the most appropriately given him is "Joy Boy". The girls decided to call him that, and rightly so. Never in my life have I been around anyone who emits so much light and joy. He beams. It seems to come right out of those glossy big blue eyes and grab at you. It is impossible to be truly down in his presence. Like all children, he loves so purely with out judgment. I know I'm his mother so I am terribly biased, but there is something different in this boy. He seems to see the soul. He unravels me in a way that helps me forget worries and embrace my blessings. Having him in my life has added an entirely new dimension to my ability to love and feel love from others. He is one of God's greatest gifts to me and I pray that I can cherish him enough to show my gratitude. Thanks to Heaven for this past year with my angel boy Jericho.