Monday, July 6, 2009

My head rests again on my own pillow

I only have a few minutes to try and write an update before we turn over the computer for a few weeks, so I won't be able to post pictures until then...

Two weeks ago my little gals and I boarded a plane headed to California to surprise my Grandma and Grandpa (who are serving as full time missionaries there) and visit uncles, aunts and cousins (most of whom I haven't seen in years). After a few savoring days of just being together- talking, swimming, playing, laughing, boating, etc...we drove with family to St. George where all my siblings (except Seth on his mission) and their families were waiting for a good time! We played night games, did silly improv skits, sang, laughed, went to the temple, raced mini cars, discussed the gospel, hiked the narrows at Zion National Park, took in "Annie" at Tuacahn, bumper boated, bat swung and thoroughly enjoyed just being together! Spence was able to use a voucher to fly into St. George for a few days before he had to return to take a final on his Birthday.

Then we headed up North since I would be flying out of Salt Lake on Friday, stopping along the way for a quick visit to old Provo and sleeping in Park City. I had planned the trip a few months ago and was so sad to learn on the day I was leaving that I would be missing my nephews baptism and a chance to see more family that would be driving down from Oregon a day later. I contacted the airline only to find out that it would be an additional $374/per person to fly out Saturday or Sunday. I was heartbroken and felt sick that I was clear in Utah with my girls and would have to leave before they could see their Great Grandma Lake, my parents-in-love, my brother and sister-in-love and have a chance to enjoy being with all their little cousins- whom I knew we probably wouldn't be seeing for another year and a half.

For some reason it was a particularly big deal emotionally to me, and against my wishes- I was crying before we drove to the airport and got on the plane. I felt so sad for my girls having to miss out on being with more family as I was taking them far away back to Texas.

We waited for about 45 minutes on the plane before the pilot came on and said "all flights in and out of Denver have been grounded due to thunderstorms". With no explanation of what that meant we waited in the plane another hour before I heard "Those of you who were connecting to San Antonio will most likely miss your connecting flight and you may wish to rebook your flight for another day".

That flight was the last one into San Antonio that night and the next flights for the next day were booked.

So, needless to say we were able to see all the Lake family that came in and be there for the baptism. In addition we were also able to see all the extended family on my Dad's side for the 4th of July.

Heaven is definitely aware of the details of our lives. And I apologize to those people who had to sleep over at the Denver airport or wait all day to try and get on a flight on my behalf, but those thunderstorms were a tender mercy for me and my gals.

And although we had another rough day of waiting, grounded flights, racing and barely making our connecting flight by seconds, making it home around midnight,-we spent last night in our own beds. I slept in a room without my children and before I fell asleep my heart was filled with gratitude that we had been able to spend time with people so dear. And I slept wonderfully comfortable in my own bed.