Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I have been laughing so hard today. Just one of those days when you find everything, including yourself, hilarious. For starters Miss Addy, she is a hoot. So she is in bed taking a nap (or so I think) and when she wakes up I find that her diaper is off with little traces of what should be in the diaper, in the room (don't mind the details, but skid marks) with no real evidence of the actual remnants. So here I am searching in the room and closet for where she has had her bowel movement- laughing so hard. Then, sure enough, where everyone hides there mess, there it was under the sink in the cupboard. Now is that creative or what. It was hard not to laugh when we tried to reinforce the importance of "stinky" going in the toilet bowl. Be reassured that it all got cleaned up.

I didn't take time to write Sunday but it was such an uplifting and empowering day. Spence and I spoke in our Sacrament on the blessings of service and we felt such motivation to fill our lives with more charity. I love listening to and learning from Spencer. He teaches so clearly and is such an example to me.

We have been asked to teach the new member lessons to Taleah and her family. We are both looking forward to that. I haven't picked up Preach My Gospel for a while and I am excited to get back into it. It will be fun with the best companion ever! We sure feel like the ward is giving us opportunities to serve.

I know these are not recent photo's but I want to change up the site and add these to the side along with our story (thanks for the idea friends) and it seems easier to do once they are already posted... so no, I didn't have another baby already. Kamorah is 2 months now. I wanted to put a few up of the best experiences and days of my life...and boy was that a kiss!.. and the most amazing day!
...So a long time ago I tried to slyly wipe the excess sweat off our faces in some of our wedding pictures with a photoshop enhancement that wasn't so enhancing, so just don't look at the picture in it's full size, or pretend that you don't notice ok. Spencer is so handsome. He looks even better than pictures could show. Yea! I lucked out there!

We of course had to listen to the BYU game on the Internet since we don't get the Mountain. Yahooo! Finally, a weekend that my husband will talk to me because we're not too upset over a loss (just kidding). We just can't believe how much more exciting it is to have DVR. We just love being able to record and watch tv on our time. It is going to be so nice to be able to have that for Conference. (Any speculations on who the new Apostle will be ? Only kidding again. Brad and Sally already told...:) we sure are excited to go and visit them this weekend in Houston.)

We went to the Park on Addy's request 3 times in 2 days. I gave her a list of things we could do (and I was pulling for swimming which she normally would jump on) but she was insistent "Park? Park!!! Park!! Addy swing" (I'm digging the third person she's into now). So we pretended that it was 70 degrees with no humidity and sweated our afternoon out at the park on Friday. We were the only ones there the entire time I might add (I wonder why?).

I accomplished my big goal for the day- to sort through all the girls clothes and box away the next round of grown out ofs. There are many reasons I love having two girls and hand me downs are certainly one of them.

Onward ever Onward!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

So it's not even elven o'clock and I am finished with my Motherly duties (applause please) and it looks like I might (dependent on the duration of this blogging) make it to bed before midnight (another round of applause). This hasn't happened in a very long time, probably since Kamorah was born.

Our Little (in age) Kamorah Ann had her 2 month old check-up and shots this week. She is growing like a pro! She is in the 100th percentile(off the charts) for her height and weight. Coming in at nearly 15 lbs and over 25 inches long. Doctor said she is above average with her strength (umm of course, her muscles are bigger) and that she looks and acts more like a 4 or 5 month old. She even said that I could start her on solids if I wanted too (since they usually start that at 14 lbs or around 4-6 months). I think I'll hold off on that for a while yet though. It makes me so happy that she is getting the nourishment she needs and growing so well. She and Addy are already so different.

I must share the events of our weekend. First off Spence and I finally got to sit down and enjoy our first movie on our new "big screen". We watched the "Titanic" (and yes we fast forwarded a bit-believe me, I get embarrassed just watching kissing on the screen. I'm always looking around at other people in the theater searching for someone else who has turned away in embarrassment. Just can't handle it. Oh' and the first time I saw this movie I was with Michelle Carr, my February BF, and we were sitting next to a 10 year old boy who I conveniently started talking to about playing soccer at a certain point in the film. That just reminded me of a conversation I had with Mr. Hollywood when I was living in Florida. Oh' I love you Disney friends!)...I digress, So spence and I were cozied up to the winding up scenes when we heard a thud from upstairs. Of course we raced upstairs, especially since our concerns were heightened by the scenes of the movie, and there is Addy on the floor. I aske her if she fell and in the sweetest, not even sad voice she simply said "ya-ah" and pointed back towards her bed...and right back to sleep. Not a huge moment but a simple realization, once again, of how blessed we are. Here we were just watching this tragedy unfold and thinking how easily it all could be taken from us including our very lives... and yet we are all safe and happy, enjoying many pleasures and conveniences. Worried about a little fall. Addy seemed to be reminding us. Life is grand.
I wish I could find a spell check on here. I never get to write until late and don't re-read my entries, so I fear I am misspelling. Just don't judge me okay. I won the spelling bee in my 3rd grade class twice and made it to the final 3 in the entire grade. I didn't compete at the next level but am confident I could've done well. :)

We enjoyed some adventures seeings some San Antonio sites and the Outlet Malls on Saturday. I do not enjoy shopping. I love giving gifts, having cute clothes for my girls and nice things in my house, but I do not like shopping. I can enjoy a yard sale, craigslist, good will find, but it is really hard for me to spend money. We've had to do so much of it recently and I just don't get why I always hear women say their therapy is shopping. Wow-to each his own. :) We DVR'd some games, all of which were not exciting and one which was rather sad. I will always love my cougs. Rain or Shine, they are my team. There is nothing like BYU football.

Oh' I nearly forgot. We went to the High School football game after a newcomers social on Friday night. What a blast. You all know that Texas is the place for High School football. We get in free since Spence is faculty. Miss Addy was a hoot. She didn't want to sit by me because there were little kids a few rows up. So of course, she's off. Playing musical bench around them all. Acting like they've been life long friends. All the parents were laughing so hard at her friendliness. She would just climb right up by them. Everyone is so nice and everywhere I go I feel like everyone is loving my kids (and who doesn't enjoy that).

Tonight Spence and I were asked to give a fireside to the youth on Dating. I know we've only been here a few weeks but I love them all so much. I was just called to be the Sunday School teacher for the 16-17 yr old class. This is my dream calling right now and I feel so excited to do all I can to love and serve these great people. I really feel grateful...like Father knows exactly what I need right now by giving me this opportunity.

So I am going to admit something. I like a Justin Timberlake song (at least I think I do). I heard only part of it but was actually moved by it. My first instinct was to quickly change that station but now I keep hearing the words in my head. It must be called something like "lost"...anyway, the words say "can anybody out there hear me, cause I can't seem to hear myself..." and continues, like a plea for help to be saved. For a moment I felt a reminder of how many souls are around me searching, in despair needing help... Overcome by addiction in all forms, sins and struggles that bind them. I wanted to shout in the middle of the song that I would help and that even more than me, I know the perfect healer. I don't ever want to forget or neglect helping someone feel the hope of the Savior to know that He does not leave you helpless or abandoned... and yet I am sure I have had opportunities already missed. I will be better.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sabbath Thoughts

They are too cute! Addy wanted to wear my bandana and did her cheese face because she was so excited! Mora just hangs out and goes with the flow. What and angel baby really. Our new sod is coming along, although texas grass just aint the same :)
I feel so thankful right now and so happy. Somedays I just can't believe what a difference the gospel can make. I am so honored to be someone who has been given such a gift.
I love living in Texas. I love the way I feel being here. I love the people that I am around and the chance I have to be a better person. Tonight we had a barbecue with our neighbors, who are perfectly Texan- with their house coverend in rustic texas crafts, their smoked ribs& beans, and their genuine sincerity and generosity. They just got back from a vacation to Vegas and even brought us home gifts. I feel so full of love and gratitude...Every Sunday since I've been here we've been at someone else's home for dinner. Aren't we fortunate. We Love you Texas!

Since Spence loves the mango salsa from Costco and I have been trying to pinch a few pennies, I decided to try and make some up myself. It is a thrill to chop and mince to me. I was loving it. The mangos, red pepper, green and white sweet onion, cilantro...oh' i was getting into it, acting like I was some great television chef, doing it fast and pro-like. Squeezing my fresh lime over it all. It was really exhilirating! And....it actually tasted good. I've never been a mango salsa fan ( I think salsa should be hot with the tomatoey taste) but I couldn't get enough of it. It was just a pleasant experience and I am happy anytime I have a new creation that "works". Maybe now this will be my thing. Mom makes the best rolls, so in so does this so well... I can be the salsa maker..."you've got to try the salsa that sara makes" I can just hear it now. Come to San Antonio to try my Salsa! A ha!

it's late and I have a lot to do tomorrow:
-daughters to love, learn from and teach including an easy going baby ( who still requests to eat about every 2 hours) and a potty training explorer,
-a closet to reorganize,
-a new driver's license (including the driving and written test),photoetc..
-family doctor search
-grocery store purchases and other store returns
-(beginning to see the light) house organizing/unpacking
and of course the other usual, just moved to Texas things. I know we're all busy. I've decided thats how I really enjoy life-when there's more to do than time to do it.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Things I am loving in San Antonio!

There is so much I am loving in San Antonio. First of all, my hubby. I swear he is even cuter here in Texas! We are too funny letting the "ya'lls" and "yes mam's" slip out already (as if we have been here for years). He just gets a kick out of the city and exploring all of it! He's the perfect travel companion and room mate. I am also thoroughly enjoying my girls! Who am I that I can even say that "MY Girls"! What a treat to know we all go together. That really makes living anywhere, paradise. OK. now onto the superficial. I am so loving my new fridge! WOW! For those of you who didn't know, we were fortunate enough to have a fridge in our last place but it was one of those small, 1950's type. The kind that when we went to Costco we found ourselves saying "if only we had a normal fridge we could buy that". Well folks, I feel so spoiled now! I've got space for everything and places to keep it easily organized. The spillproof, pull out shelves, ice and chilled water, freezer SPACE, oh' it's like the biggest treat I just want to eat and cook all day, finding excuses to go to it! It feels so great...which leads me to my next love:
BLUE BELL ICE-CREAM! If you haven't had it, you don't even know! Another double Wow please. Beyond tastebud good for this one folks. Straight cream from a texas longhorn, frozen up with mix ins of perfect allotment, texture, flavor and variety. hands down the best ice-cream I've ever had (and that's saying a lot). No wonder I am loving it in Texas!
Onto another one...CRAIGSLIST SAN ANTONIO! So I thought I loved craigslist in Utah but no, SA knows how to use craigslist and I can work it with the best of them. I have had many a midnight calls, being that first one to spot a great deal "i'll be there first thing in the morning to check it out". If you are saying to yourself " Craigslist? what's that?" oh boy' do you need to look it up on the web. I love it and therefore love my new washer and dryer ( I really scrounge around the house to find another load so I can keep doing laundry, that's how much I'm loving the washer and dryer), kitchen table and big screen tv that we have purchased off it. I know...I'm getting carried away but it is such a thrill to purchase something underpriced that I can greatly value. In all humility...I have to rank myself up there with the best of the bargaineers.
Lastly, but certainly not leastly...THE PEOPLE! It reminds me so much of my mission here. It is such a delight to be among people of all religions and races. To see such diversity and to feel like you have something more to share. I love the southern charm, the accents, the different quirky things that make then all Texans. I feel so happy to be here with them! We already love our neighbors. These are 2 of the 5 girls that live across (should that be acrossed? it's 3 am!)the street from us, Arianna and Tasha.

We like taking pictures

So we love taking pictures of these little gals. I never have to ask Addy to hug Mora, she just naturally wants to squeeze... The pictures of them speak for themselves...and as to the self protrait of me, well, I needed proof that I was indeed behind the camera (and that I do, on occasion, style my hair in more than a bun or ponytail).

Can You Believe it!

First of all, everything is bigger in Texas. Second of all, everyone here is really obsessed with Texas. Third of all, I don't know what it is...but I've got it too! Something in the humidity I guess. So Spence decides we should display our new loyalties in our powder room and (even though I tried to put up a fight) he won out on this one. Now I don't want you to get the wrong idea, we are still true blue and would at any time trade this motiff for that of the Y's (so if ya'll find a toilet cover etc... let us know). I'm not sure Texas is even that good this year, yet we feel a sense of pride in having the horns make it to bathroom.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

The SA Sisters

Adelaide and Kamorah are about the coolest company I could have all day! Let me give you an update on the cutest gals I know...

Miss Addy is my little buddy. She is full of opinions and now expresses them (with a word or two). It has been so exciting to see her learn to communicate and a wonder to witness all that she understands at such a young age. She gets a little frustrated sometimes when she is trying to tell me something and I don't understand- but is patient and keeps faith in me. She is so quick to sense when she has done something wrong and fast to say "soddy". She likes to pretend to talk on the phone and laughs so hard while she jumbles words together fast to sound like the grownups. She matches emotions and wants to understand why people are reacting/feeling the way they are. She really has been such a big help to me, grabbing a diaper, throwing something away, and doing anything that I ask. She still loves reading and will hold books up for Mora and read to her. We have had so much fun swimming this summer- Addy will even ask to take a bath every day just to pretend she's swimming. She is insistent on singing her certain primary songs and so darling doing the actions. She is such a girl and I have no idea how she got so interested in high heeled shoes, chap (lip) stick, bags and ear rings. Our biggest adventure has been going "big potty". She is really trying and has made it in the big seat 4 times, but has frequent "too lates" and misses. She must sit on the toilet 20 times a day, and mostly just for the fun of it. I must admit that I get the biggest kick out of the pretending she has to go, just to get on the seat. Oh' how they live such simple, joyful lives. Sometimes I want to just cry as I watch her learn, love, forgive, serve and wonder... I know exactly why the Savior invites us to be like the children. She has been one of my greatest teachers and examples.

Little Mora (Morzy)...what an angel! She has been nothing but a tender mercy to our family. She has been such a good sport putting up with all of Addy's hug (and tugs) and having to be set down much more that we both would like (with the packing, driving, and unpacking). She is gaining weight like a pro! At her 2 week check up she was off the charts for height and weight (100th percentile) and seems to be keeping the pattern up. She is fitting into some 3-6 month clothes at not even 8 weeks old! She usually sleeps now for about 6 hours at night, which is perfect for me. It has been so amazing to interact with her the last few weeks as she is now reacting with smiles and coos. If that isn't the greatest thing, the first time your child really seems to respond to you. She brings a great reverence to our home and I am so thankful that Father sent us two girls together. Oh' this is the life!

As for Spence and I, we are LOVING SAN ANTONIO! I am so happy that Spencer is finding such joy in teaching. He has been so fun to watch here as he is so into the details of our home (an avid lawn waterer and inspector).We love our ward and the new friends we've made in our first weeks here. Today we went to a baptism of our newest friend Taleah and her son Erik. We really feel such a burning desire to serve, you know those times in your life when you really don't want to let anything stop you from living right and worthy to share the Joy of the Lord and his Gospel. We are really anxious and prayerful that He will use us here to help others.

Our home is slowly but surely becoming a "house of order" and we are so thankful to be living in such a wonderful place. We bought a tv that is much bigger than we wanted (or need) but we found a great deal on craigslist (which I use and love so much-) and are set to thoroughly enjoy this years college football season!! Go Cougars, and yes, Hookem Horns!

I'll update more on our adventure in getting here and other events since we arrived, but just wanted to quickly get this set up. Life really feels so right and what a blessing and delightful feeling that is...


We Made IT!!

San Antonio, HERE WE ARE!!! After an explosion on the highway, sleeping in the van, being towed, sitting with rattlesnakes and driving through the night, us gals finally met up with Spencer in our new home! We've only been here 11 days (Spencer 3 weeks) but we love it and really feel like this is where we are supposed to be. We're excited about all that lies in store and keeping a record on this new blog!