Saturday, April 11, 2009

What A Spring Break!

Some call us crazy, but for Spring break we loaded our little family into our van and started East! We knew we wanted to head towards Florida and stop in a few places along our way, but we wanted to be spontaneous, so we only actually planned 2 nights of our week long stay. We got plenty prepared with maps, information, city to do lists, camping gear and loads of food...we figured if all else failed, we could always find somewhere to put up a tent, or sleep in our van. So we ventured out-not knowing beforehand the things which we should do!

And what a blast we had! Thanks to cheap camp sites and priceline's 11pm same day reservations, we were able to stay in awesome locations on a small budget! We stayed in Baton Rouge-LA, New Orleans-LA, Pensacola-FL and Destin Beach-FL, stopping at nearly every beach and historical marker along the way! There is far too much to post about this trip, so I thought I'd start with a few of the videos I took. I'll sort through the mounds of pictures later...(I'll do everything later right..wink wink).

Needless to say, it was one of those...relationship strengthening-(come back so much more in love), entire family entertaining, educational, peaceful, exhilarating, spiritual, reflective, exhausting, always going to remember, perfect time and money spent- kind of family vacations.