Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's been a long time, but this past week....

You could have found me...

Early Morning Reading with Adelaide (crying over Dr. Seuss's "Oh' The Places You'll Go" )

Hearing simple testimony from my sweetheart

Taking in My first Texas Rodeo and Stock show with a handsome feller

Changing Kamorah's crib to a big girl bed after a few floor-thumping attempted escapes

Savoring chocolate covered strawberries from my lover

Swinging with my daughters

Playing pretend grandma to my daughters babies

Holding hands as a family, strolling in the park

Planning and preparing for New Beginnings

Teaching the YW how to do different hair braids and sharing with them the life of one of my heroes, Elizabeth

Cleaning the church Saturday mornings

Embracing the help of my assistant, Adelaide, and cracking up at her insistence in doing her "job" of putting away the silverware

Reflecting on memories as a friend departed, I love you Grandma Tink! Till we meet again!

Sitting together as A Young Women's Presidency in the temple- I consider it an honor to work with such women

Filing my taxes (yahoo, they're done!) and making plans for the refund (savings!)

Sharing a huge $4 stack of nachos from Chachos with my very own Chacho

Praising the magic eraser that cleaned pen drawings off my counter-top

Finding joy in my daughters learning- Adelaide being able to write by herself, her name and mine. Kamorah exploring any word I ask her to say, and pushing with excitement on the toilet.

Contemplating the YW's challenge to "lead the world to a return to virtue" and how to help them catch that vision

Listening to Kamorah's first prayer, recited from her prompter Adelaide

Sobbing over "The Secret Life of Bees" (don't watch the first few scenes, I couldn't-too disturbing) then kneeling by my daughters beds, praying they know how I cherish them

Reading a few (ever-motivating) conference talks, Always needing a reminder to SIMPLIFY

Playing Hide and Seek

Taking time (as brief as it may have been) to be holy.

DVR-ing and watching (late at night with my sweets)-American Idol and The Biggest Loser

Laughing with wonderful friends in church meetings.(just the meetings-not the actual service, you think you'd know the gal) (;

Giggling at Kamorah being her jokester, thinks she can do anything, little character

Cleaning out my voice inbox

Being up in the early hours of the morning with a sick child, happy to give her comfort and care, wishing it were me instead

(Subsequently) Cleaning up a few "accidents" and bathing gals multiple times in a day

Keeping track of my families Biggest Loser competition

Running away from ducks

Stressing a bit over how best to communicate and delegate responsibilities

Reading some of "Number the Stars"-Lois Lowry

Unsuccessfully highlighting my hair- what was supposed to be caramel-light "Beyonce" brown, turning into brass orange... covering it up to make the final product: red auburney mixed highlights instead. But you know what, I'm embracing it!

Being captivated by a true history lover and story teller, my sweetheart speaking to the cub scouts about America

Daily "flying pillows" making in our mother daughter bed making

Doing my Total Body Work out from the BYU channel

Getting a new crock-pot ("how could I live with out you...I want to know..") Good job finding that Babe!

Visiting the enchanting Treasure Island, pretending I lived there and taking in an estate sale

Making hair bows with my gals

Seeing two Young Women perform as the leads in their High School Musical

Talking with my Mom for hours about how I can be a better leader, and getting inspired advice

Trying again to please everyone all of the time and realizing again, that it's not possible- and that I need to not worry so much about it. Slowly but surely, I am learning the fine art of freedom from feeling judged.

Feeling so incredibly grateful, so happy, so glad to be where I am at in this moment of life