Tuesday, October 23, 2007

For Once In My Life

The next time you are feeling like you need a lift, go somewhere you feel uninhibited, and at loud volume play Stevie Wonder's "For Once In My Life"
- just start by pressing play...the music will take you from there.

let me know how it goes. :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

More than words

As I was looking through Iphoto for some pics, I came across these and literally laughed out loud. I am still laughing thinking about them. Although they will probably not make sense to most of you, these are just some hilarious candid moments caught on film for me.
The reaction to the surprise splash,
The faking Mom out with the meteor shower,The grown-ups gone crazy routine,
The Sly Santa, And one of my personal favorites- The Synchronized Swimmers

~Oh' Life is meant to be lived with laughter!

One of the saddest...

It's the wee small hours of the morning and I am sitting here waiting for the laundry to be done so I thought I might share one of the saddest things that happened today. An hour ago I had a feeling to go check on Addy. I walked into her room and immediately smelled throw-up. I turned on the light to see her, sound asleep and covered in it. I felt so bad. Not only had she experienced that horrible experience of throwing up, but she was alone and had comforted herself back to sleep. I was so sad that I wasn't there for her. It's got to be one of the worst things just to see your children go through pain, let alone to not be there for them during it. After covering her new bed in it (which ironically is one of the cutest beds and brand new) we cleaned her off and Spence took her into our bedroom where she didn't make it before getting more out on our bed as well. Poor thing. It's amazing how nothing else seems to matter but getting them better. I don't care if I have to ruin a million comforter and bed sets if my children can always feel that they matter more and that we are there for them. I still feel so bad just thinking of her there, in the dark of her room, feeling so sick...It makes me want to cuddle up next to them every night and not leave. I love my children more than myself. This is surely some of what Father in Heaven feels. His only pain in seeing His children's pain. I am so grateful that He is there for us so together we can be the perfect parents for our children. Some nights I have to give them over to Him, place them in His care so that I can actually sleep. I know they are close to Him and I can feel how much He loves them. And in all my imperfections as a Mother, I feel honored just to be a part of it, with them, my heavenly friends.

She got showered and chattered the entire time, obviously feeling better and is now asleep with her Dad in the guest room. We will see how she is in the morning. Meanwhile I'm in between loads of towels, and bedding, still a little worried for her, counting my blessings and feeling closer to heaven, so I thought I would share.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Random Thoughts

I just love change. I love having big and small changes regularly in my life. Today: the furniture arrangement. Yes, I have only been here barely 2 months- so furniture is still in it's transitional phase, but we re-arranged the family room. Props to my Sweets (Spencer) for being willing to change our controversial television to (what seems to me) a less conspicuous and consuming location. I am thrilled with the change!

Yesterday was our neighbors birthday and so we threw a surprise party for him. We sat in the dark room for several minutes, with babies and young kids being shushed to not spoil the surprise. It was exciting and relieving when he finally came in. When we had him over for dinner he raved about my Parmesan chicken, so I had to make him some especially for his big day.

I can't wait to paint my house. I'm planning to tackle that a room and long weekend at a time. I love my home. Have I said that before? It is so perfect for us and I feel so blessed to be living here.

There are a few things I wish everyone in the world could have #1 The Gospel of Jesus Christ with all it's sanctifying, saving and sealing powers- #2 A loving, supportive, and trustworthy friend of a spouse, #3 Precious Children with all the joys they bring, #4 A Place of their own that they can love, learn and feel the spirit in.While I am so grateful that I have such a life, I honor those of you who can live so faithfully without.

My gals:

Mora smiles all the time. She tilts her head to the side like she is embarrassed and kicks/jumps. She moved into the crib in another room and of course it was hard for me the first few nights because I not only miss her right beside me in her bassinet, but I worry a bit. She sleeps great though and we are both happy. Addy has been sick but still so pleasant. We set up her new bed and she is so excited to have her books by her. She has let me round brush her hair- so cute

She makes requests for me to call specific people on the phone. Tonight Addy didn't want to have dad watch football so she asked me "momma tewn of da Td" to which I replied that she should ask her Dad (since he was the one actually watching it) and she said, just like the commercial, "Dad, have mom tewn off da td". So cute, Dad had to take a time out to read with her.

Speaking of Football...ten thoughts #1 My favorite play of the day was Colorado Quarterback's fake fumble. #2 Best game of the Day LSU vs. Auburn-I don't know why but I am liking LSU. And that final play- loved the gutsy/cray call. That's good football. Yet I am so sad for Auburn. #3 Oregon in their all white uniforms looked like the bad guys on Star Wars. #4 I wish we could've seen the BYU game. #5 Last week, Cal and Oregon State- I still can't get over the last second bad timing calculations of the QB- that's up there with the worst ways of losing.#6 I don't care if it's "plus 1" I really do not like the BCS- if it were significant I might pray for a play off- but since it's just football, I'll wait and see if the big wigs get with it.#7 If you're wondering how I can be a good mother and still know/watch these games, DVR baby! #8 I love seeing the reaction of the fans because, even if it's not a team I like, I can just feel it with them. I can't stand however seeing the zooming in on the losing players. It makes me feel so bad. #9 High Definition does make a difference (unfortunately) #10 I was really hoping USF would stay undefeated, I love under dogs, cinderella stories.

You would've laughed

Picture this:I have a strange ear ache/pain that I have been trying to figure out. Spencer chooses to remind me of the Oregon boy who had a spider that lived in his ear and had to be removed by the doc...So instantly the pain I am feeling begins to seem like a bug...could it be? There I was, over the kitchen sink, intently flushing the ear out with a blue suctioner, water spilling all over me,...Unfortunately no spider jumped out and the ear still hurts, but it was hilarious to me. Please don't worry, I'm sure it's fine but I'll let you know if we find something interesting.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Because I learn so much through them

Just looking at these pictures is good for my heart. They remind me how much I have learned and how much I have yet to learn from my little Adelaide who is fast approaching 2 years of age. I am so grateful for her optimistic, clever, believing, forgiving, cheerful way of living. She is truly one of my greatest examples.

And Precious Little Mora Ann. How blessed we are to live with an angel.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A True Saturday!

So, I believe that Saturdays were meant for morning projects around the house and then...afternoon family fun time! Boy did we have a blast! We spent it in our very own San Antonio! We finally took the time to go together to the Riverwalk, Alamo, and other down town attractions/sites. There is such a vacation feeling here with all the visitors, friendliness and even humidity.

Here's how Addy Started the trip

First stop, the Alamo.

There is something very special about visiting a battle ground and reflecting on all that has been given for our freedom. How little I have been asked to do to enjoy the blessing of this country. How I am using this freedom? How am I honoring those who have given all they have for it?

After a few hours at the Alamo we went to the River City mall where we gave in to sitting in on a time share presentation for a free 2 night vacation and $50. If there is one thing that disturbs me it's people acting personal and interested in your life simply for the sake of making money off you (but that's for a different blog). I know I know, of course if we spend this $20,000 now we will end up saving money this year in vacationing. While I wish I could afford something like that, our Priceline and cheaptickets vacations have blessed us to be able to travel with much smaller expenses than the average. So, we were up front at the beginning, respectful and patient and they gave us what they promised.

Here's Spence and Addy at the wax museum

Next we spent some time walking along the river.

Such a beautiful place with a unique atmosphere. Not only is the vegetation so plush but it seems to put people in a different world. Lazily walking up and down, enjoying the feeling and casualness. I never felt like someone was behind us trying impatiently to rush by. We saw at least 5 wedding parties and loads of tourists. The little shops and restaurants are all contracted to have a sort of "blending" into the environment so as to not take away from it's nature. It's just a fun place to be! Oh' and I can't believe the reponse people have to our children. We were continuously being stopped with people wanting to interact with them.

Our next stop was the Old Original Cathedral where Davey Crockett's remains (and others of the Alamo hero's) are.

It was simply captivating. Although I can't say that I necessarily felt the spirit there, I was filled with a sense of wonder at the majesty of the building and reverence for the faith of the people who built it and those who now preserve it. I found it intriguing, amazing and yet something so apparently missing in it's beauty... Yet still sacred ground because it is a resting place for the bodies of valiant men.

This was as far as Addy made it

Our last stop was to Market Street (not only did we get a lot of walking in, but we sure got our- $3 in quarters plus free after 6:00pm -parkings worth)

It was all together a delightfully adventurous, informative,reflective and fun filled day out on the town with my funnest pals!

What it can mean...

It's amazing how much a compliment from your husband can mean. While I must admit that I actually do care more about what people think of me than I wished, no one compares to what he thinks. Today in the middle of me talking to him he interrupted to say "you are really pretty". Now I was not looking so great- in scrubs with my hair pulled back into some concoction and spit up all over me- not really front of the magazine cover material, but those words just made me feel like I was it. It's not the compliment I am particularly seeking, yet it means so much to know he thinks that. So there, you size two run way babes, He thinks I'm pretty! 2 babies and some blue bell icecream can do it for ya! Thanks Babe! I hope you always think I am pretty. Your opinion and words mean everything. Everyone deserves a husband...and a good one too.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Such A Cutie!


Monday, October 8, 2007

Conference Weekend Moments

I hope you don't mind that I share some personal reflections as this is somewhat of a journal for me. I love Conference Weekend! I feel so grateful to be a part of "the greatest cause" (Pres. Hinckley)! I think one of my favorite moments this weekend was when my husband came home from The Priesthood session. I always ask right away who spoke (so I know who I will miss out on) and for the details and impressions he had. He is always able to tell me that it was good. This time however, he snuck in with out me noticing and just came and hugged me. It seemed like I could feel the spirit coming off his body and I felt so loved and so full of love that I wanted to just freeze the moment. He didn't even have to say anything and I knew that the session had to have been wonderful. I am so grateful and happy to be given a chance at forever with this guy!

Reflecting back on that moment reminded me of President Eyrings counsel to remember the Lords kindness and I realized that I probably have moments like that throughout my days, that I am simply not recognizing. Moments that I could remember the Lord and his tender mercies. So I woke up today ready to be on the look out, and sure enough, I found them. From the moment I woke up with Kamorah (around 6am) I felt and saw how full of divine kindness my life is. Saying I am blessed almost sounds too light for the gratitude I am recognizing right now. I truly know we are watched and cared for from above.

The other greatest moment for me, which I would like to freeze forever in my mind, was when Elder Wirthlin was speaking. When he began to shake I felt fear and worry "is he going to collapse", "someone help him", "just stop and sit down if you need to"...

Then...Elder Nelson stood beside him. I thought he might be telling him he could end his talk. When Elder Wirthlin simply continued on, persevering through his shaking, Elder Nelson beside him, I was overcome with the sweetest feelings. I was watching two men who are not only called of God but who are so much like Him. I felt like I was witnessing two tender acts: a man so full of love and true charity, humbly supporting his friend... another man so pure in heart and conviction that he would continue to bear his witness, humbly, no matter how difficult. It felt like I was watching Apostles of Jesus Christ. I hope I can always keep that picture in my mind. Maybe next time I am tempted to not bear my testimony because I think it might be too hard, embarrassing, or inconvenient. Or when I might want to criticize or think less of someone else. For me, that was one of those moments where you see Heaven on Earth and you are changed for a time. You have the remembrance and it motivates you to become better. I had to write it down.

I'd love to hear some of your Conference Weekend Greatest Moments.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


These things are pretty cool, although I couldn't figure out the reference points so it's not as good as it could be. What's funny is when you compare us, she looks like she is happier than me. (May I reassure you, she's not)


Friday, October 5, 2007

I love my daughters. Right now we are in the "shoot out" phase with little Morzy. I hear her grunting and I immediately start undoing the onesie in preparation for the "out of the diaper any which way" movement. One such instance, I found myself too late (again) so she (and my clothes) ended up in the kitchen sink (I know, only the dirtiest place in your house but at least I was able to hose her down good and clean). I was hoping to make the size 2 diapers last but it looks like- the not even 3 month old -will be moving onto the size 3 diapers.

Miss Addy is grouping her words together quite nicely always adding a Momma on either side of the sentence "Momma please get milk fo Addy Momma", "Momma please shut da door Momma". She seems to really be enjoying the freedom that comes with speech. My favorite are her prayers. Even at meal times we get the long list of family members "pease bless etc... etc.. etc..." oh' and we can't just be general with food, we must say each item individually, be it "miwlk", "gapes", or whatever. It is so delightful to hear. This is simply the best full-time job that could ever be had! They makes me want to sing all day with joy.

A sample of the Saturday Action- Spencer is too cute, making sure we know how we can flip through channels so as to not miss a game. You can never be too prepared.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I haven't had or at least taken the chance to write about our trip to the "big city," Houston (it is the 4th biggest city in the country, Spencer could even recite the top ten for you upon request) Ok- everything really is bigger in Texas! That city cracks me up, pretending it's just one city although it takes over an hour to get from one end to another. We would call it Ogden to Provo, but they just call it Houston. We loved it though. A few highlights you ask: we loved seeing Ty, Sally, and Brad (Addy especially-the two wanting to hold hands across the seat),

took a detourish jaunt to the coast which I always love, the cylinderical (you can make up words in your own blog) downtown buildings were awesome,

Texas rain is huge and forceful (like Florida rain I think- droplets so large you are instantaneously drenched), ate and loved cauliflower faux mashed potatoes, the temple is absolutely gorgeous (almost as pretty as San Anotnio's),

the outside of the space center is neat (I can still feel the rush of the shuttle launch I saw in Florida, unreal. Definitely in my top 100 life experiences) my husband is a good sport-posing on demand for pictures (are you still laughing like I am Sal)....BYU WON!!! And let us not forget to mention how proud we were that we made it back for our ward with only seconds to spare, and BYU WON!

All I have to say next is, Lou Holtz Pep Talks... If you've seen 'em then you know. Three minutes of some of the best of entertainment. I am still smiling thinking of it. For those blank minds right now, Lou Holtz is a former College football coach and every so often he picks a College Football team that needs a pep talk for their upcoming game and role plays what he would say if he were the coach. I love it. "happiness is only having a bad memory"...his lisp makes it even better. You'd love it.

Also, I love that Kid Nation show. I know it's been controversial "how could anyone let there kids be alone like that" but I find it very uplifting. It makes me feel proud of our youth and hopeful for our increasingly- technology induced- self indulging generations. You go kids! Show us that you can survive without video games and cell-phones!

Onto more important things: so I finally watched High School Musical 2! You know, I think there is a part of everyone that could enjoy these movies if they let themselves. I just get into it and pretend (I've learned from Lou) that I am back in High School, cheesing it up. I just keep hoping for a ward talent show or something that Spence and I can perform "What I've Been Looking For" in all its glory. I feel like I am even writing teenage. Onto adult life...

So, who knew that a parking break could get stuck? Yep, pulled up on the driveway, popped the p- break as usual but no release. Drove down the street (well pretty much glided because we live on a hill) then stalled at the end. Now we got the van parked on the sidewalk and hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to pretend that I am some awesome womanly mechanic who can figure out where and how to yank the cord to release it. I know this is going to sound strange but I actually get a kick out of these weird little dishes life serves. Just picture it...were only at end of our own street, van not moving, blocking traffic, Addy saying "Mom drive" nicely at first but then it turns upset as she thinks I am pulling some sort of punishment on her, Spencer waiting at the DMV for me to bring some info (and it closes while I am still stalled) neighbors wondering what I am doing, me asking random people walking by "hey, do you know anything about parking breaks" (as though someone would just jump right in with a 'yea in fact, I majored in mechanics with a focus in parking break functionality'). So funny. Oh' that might beat Lou Holtz out on entertainment. I really love my life!

Hope you are finding little quirks to enjoy in your days. I am so excited for this weekend. Conference weekend feels like Christmas to me. Life is grand!