Saturday, November 17, 2007

A few sweet moments...
The Concerned Sister:We are out to eat and the waitress thinks Mora is so cute she wants to hold her and walk with her around the restaurant. Addy looks at us so worried, serious and concerned "Mom, Dad, Mora...get Mora". She was upset the we let her be taken away. She is such a tender big sister.
The Sharer: Addy loves that she gets to share all her old things with Mora, yet sometimes likes to relive the baby days (as shown in her falling asleep in the baby bouncer).
The Scooter: So I left Kamorah for only a few minutes on the floor in our living room while I helped Addy go to the bathroom. I came back to find her in the kitchen. She can scoot a rooms length. Yep, just 4 months strong! Now she backs up all around the rooms in our house. Always smiling...
The Self Time out: Spencer had gotten a little upset with Adelaide and sensing this she walked toward the laundry room, grabbing the door to close saying "ok dad, I go in timeout". Of course her Dad wouldn't let her give herself timeout, but instead had to hug her for her sweetness.

We have so much to learn.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

My sweet exemplary parents celebrate 29 years together on their forever journey today. I wanted to let them know how much I not only love them but cherish the love they have for each other. A divinely matched couple. Together you are the perfect parent! Happy year to come!

Grama Lesee (Leslie) and Papo Bry Visit

What a treat to have Mom and Dad Lake visit us! It was simply wonderful. The first night they were here they toured our home, we talked, and took in a few minutes of "Pirates of the Caribbean" on our big screen. Thursday we walked around the temple grounds, saw Sally and Brad's place, and then drove by Spencer's work on the way to downtown. We made it just in time for Mom and Dad to see the Alamo.

After the Alamo it was onto the Riverwalk.
I wish you could've seen Mom's face as she walked down to it. We had not described it to them very well because they were clearly not expecting it to be such a happening place. It was such a blast to be with them as they were so excited by it all. The whole ambiance of the Riverwalk is just indescribable. We strolled down the river seeing the shops, restaurants, hotels, people and even the building illusions. We stopped right along the river at the Rainforest Cafe for dinner. Adelaide would take turns around the table asking each of us to take her inside to see the animals. None of us wanted to leave except that it was getting late and we were recording the BYU game to watch. So Sal came over and we introduced Mom and Dad to Bluebell ice-cream as we cheered on our cougs!

The next day Spence got off work so after we had our breakfast (eggs, bacon, and for Spence and Dad pancakes with chocolate chips) we headed toward Austin. We detoured through New Braunfels to see Schlitterban (ask Mom how to pronounce that one) and eventually find the Guatalupe River (which Addy was anxious to follow my lead and get her feet in).

Then we had to take them to some Texas Bar-be-cue at Rudy's.

We had a great time in Austin (where people were already tailgating even though the game wasn't until the next day). We toured the Museum, saw an exciting interactive movie on Texas, and self toured the capitol building.

Unfortunately, some good things have to come to an end and we only had time Saturday to go out for a true Lake meal (buffet breakfast at Golden Corral), an early birthday present reveal for Addy and more quality grandparenting time before the trip to the airport. We love you and were so glad you made the effort to come and see us in our new home!

Monday, November 5, 2007


Sundays are a gift. By far my favorite day. I think I am such a stickler about all the Sabbath "dont's" because I really enjoy all the Sabbath "do's". I want to be a better Sabbath doer. Today in our Sunday School class ( I teach the 16 and 17 yr. olds) I felt like we were sharing in the spirit so sincerely that we were both edified and rejoiced together. They are so full of troubles and temptations all around them and yet a willingness to share and help one another. I want to remember that experience today and as Elder Scott said "show the Lord how I value it" by writing it down.

Although I am no professional, I love doing crafty things. I get excited by projects to decorate or create. Recently I tried to paint Adelaides name to match the new bed set she got. Not anything to brag about, it was just a fun little project that made me feel accomplished.

PS- I finished it off with the dark brown color on all the edges (took only 4 coats) :) Now she can look to her wall to learn how to spell her name. So Exciting!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


I've been hit a few times now so...Thanks Janet
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THE FACTS...strange or not ~

#1- There are a few things that I do regularly that are difficult for me. Silly things, like swallowing vitamins. I have been taking vitamins daily for several years now and yet every time do I get this urking...can I do it?Will it make it down alright? I try to act stronger than I am. Another thing, popping the sealing on those pre-made roll packages. Freaks me out. I have to ask Spencer to do it. When I try to do it myself I am usually balancing it on the counter trying to barely touch it. Then the seal doesn't pop and I end up having to try and poke at it with a fork.
#2-Every time that I have had a piece of gum (since I was 10) I have licked the wrapper. You think I am kidding? Have you ever seen me do it? It started one day when I realized there was flavor on a wrapper and decided it would be my pre-cursor, setter upper, taste bud stimulator. I have literally done it every time since. Now I just keep it going because it's been so long and I'm weird like that.
#3-My Sister and I were champion cloggers...I know, tough to admit, although I don't think we could have (why isn't could've a word?) made it there without our innocent spying you are the best!
#4-When I was 3 I fell down a car shop minute lube pit. My Dad said he literally had to hold my head together and could see inside. I honestly remember details and feelings from it. Some too graphic to share. I remember seeing my dad run down these steel stairs and the look on his face. I was excited that I looked like Annie, since my hair was all red (with blood). I remember feeling crushing pain when my dad was holding my head, thinking he was causing the pain from squeezing so tight. The best however was that the hospital nurse that would bring me one of those little ice-cream cup treats on demand.
#5-I think I just developed allergies...I sneezed over a hundred times today
#6-I once saw a mouse in my room and slept on the couch for two weeks. Then, while teaching a lesson on my mission, I felt something and looked down to see 3 rats playing with my shoelace. Makes me cringe just typing it. Happy to report I kept going. My comp got me a ceramic mouse for a gift.
#7-I have no toe nail on my right big toe. :) I've been known to paint it anyway

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This is what I call checking yourself out. And why not, she looks great! How you doin? Come on, you know you do it too!

My Princesses

Kamorah is always smiling! She is full of light and joy. If she is ever upset all I have to do is hum in her ear and she starts singing (in her own way) along with me. Miss Addy got this outfit from our neighbor and wore it wonderfully. Coming from a Mother who doesn't even have her ears pierced, it is amazing how she knows how to work it in them.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween Experience

It started with the pumpkin selection. Getting a pumpkin is a big event and Addy didn't disappoint... Her imperfect little one was the perfect match.

Next the costume trial run...

Kamorah made the cutest pumpkin and kangaroo I've ever seen. She is such a jovial little gal!

Then trunk or treat. (Although Mora is crying I chose this pic because my husband has great calves.)
Then the real deal, up and down our streets trick or treating! How many of you get to trick or treat in shorts and flip flops?! Addy had to test out the treats on her way!