Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May Days!

Few off us around the country get to enjoy nearly triple digit temps in May, so we do our best to join the heat! We recently graduated ourselves to the 8 ft. pop up pool (which I'm sure disappointed our neighbors who must've loved watching all the family squeeze into this one for F.H.E.)

Adzy- Our ever learning, unique word using little helper. Reads to herself (the animated- changing voices for each character and adding in songs- style), hums herself to sleep, plays Mother to her little sister "kamorzy, no. you must not touch dees clothes that mother folded.No... no no, please. Now, Morzy, it's time for you piano lessons now." Asking why to everything with an added "tell me the truth mother". Sings, sings sings, and constantly asks to play games like "rosies" (ring around that is). Consistently, and dramatically runs herself to the bathroom. Is currently working on reciting the pledge of allegiance with words she so cutely mispronounces.

Kamorzy- Joy joy joy! Tan blondie, more than a bombshell enthusiast! Took her first steps and now excitedly stumbles her way around. So Strong...the girl requires a lot of might to play with,change and chase. She got her- makes them look totally different- top front teeth in. She's a little rhino of energy and full of light!

Nater- My little brother has moved in with us and has been a delight. A pool maintainancer in 100 degree temps, he's a hilarious, institute loving sweetheart. I am thoroughly enjoying getting reacquainted with one of my truest friends.

My Sweets-A spiritual intellectual, he finishes the school year as teacher in 2 weeks and begins the school year as student for graduate work. A Mormon doctrine sharer and enthusiast, he has been able to rise to the challenge of testifying and defending our faith with everyone, including some great blogging conversation. Has a bittersweet relationship with his calling as early morning seminary instructor but expresses how much he will truly miss it when it ends this week. I love you Babe!

Our home- it's been a few weeks since we did it, but we finally put our first paint on the walls! All the walls in the front room and powder room now have color! I love color! We are excited at our options for the rest of our place. We also got ceiling fans and some other decor (thank you tax refund, craigslist, and Texas thrift!)

As for me, I'm currently engrossed in the biography of James E. Faust, In The Strength of the Lord (thanks Sal)- loving the tender example of a man who stood behind "rather than in front of- the messages and sermons he has shared with millions during his ministry"(James P. Bell; Author) Contemplating my own pridefulness and being renewed in my faith.
I've had some amazing experiences teaming up with the missionaries to teach a new friend of mine. What an awesome thing to see someone taste of the joys of the gospel. I felt so honored to be included in her understanding, feeling and accepting of the spirits teachings.

What opportunities we have to be on holy ground...I only hope I remember to take off my shoes.

"And he said, Draw not nigh hither: put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground." (Exodus 3:5)


Rebecca said...

What a fun update on your family. I love the color of you new wall!! What's the name of it? We are ones who share in the 3 digit whether. Gotta love those kiddy pools. Thankfully we have had a few breaks and ironically enough it's raining today!! Gotta love the smell of rain in the desert!

Lakes are Great said...

I miss you guys! I can't wait to come see you...your Texas looks way prettier than my Texas! Love you.

Rachel said...

I love the red wall!! And the red pillows! I just love RED!

Love your update. Great hearing about your sweet little ones.

Sally said...

You think you know a girl--think you see her and visit with her fairly regularly, and I'm just now finding out about the pool and the missionary experiences? Do I do all the talking when we're together?! You're just full of surprises! have an eight foot pool now?!

H-less E-less said...

Oh Sal- The pool is one we've always had that I bought at the same time as the other one, just kept it in the package until a few days ago. it's all of 8' by like 18 inches or something like that. Just a little kid play one, but bigger than our first attempt with the three ringer, which became a two ringer soon.

And you most definitely do not do all the talking when we get together. In fact, i am shocked at how little you do.

who knows what else I could be hiding from you! :)

JAMIE Probert COOK~ said...

You have a pool now? Man, you really are living the life aren't you? Kamorzy is so big--she is soooo cute and soooo walking....Are yous erious? I love that video and I love this post...I need more. I think I will come back to this one a lot

Melinda Draschil said...

Your girls are so so cute!! I love what you have done to your house! So cute.

Over the moon said...

Nice pool Sara :0)! I love your posts, you are an inspiration to me. Thank you!

I love your new walls, Beautiful! I clicked on the pictures to make them big and I felt so 'at home'. Your living room is so homey :0)!
I love it!

Mora is growing up! She was just a newborn last time I saw here! Are you four coming up for a visit anytime soon? If so, let us know and you can all 4 fit in our new swimming pool!!

Love ya!

NM said...

Hello hello!

I've been hovering around your husband's blog, left him a message there and I thought I'd take a nosey at yours! First and FOREMOST: I love Nickelcreek! They're one of my most favourite bands...I first saw them in a UK based show 4/5 years ago and I was blown away by their live performance when they played 'Should've Known Better'. =)

Take care

Eugene Lakes said...

Shared all the pics of your cute family and new room with everyone while camping. Room is awesome and my grandkids are the cutest!! Love you all so much.

Anonymous said...

My name is Coco and I saw the link to your blog on "calling all LDS Women Bloggers" and I must say you have two beautiful girls. A gorgeous front room and you are very pretty yourself!
Hope you have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

Hi my sweet Sara, this is your MOMMA incase you are wondering. IT was great to see all the fun pictures and to read all your update on your blog.I love to read all your comments you get from everyone. I especially Liked the one from Sally. She's my kind of gal. I'd like to visit with. Glad you two could be such great friends and in the same ward. how fun is that. And also have play time with the kids. I also, (wether you think so or not) like your new red wall.(interesting lol)
You have a darling home and have decorated it so cute. I act like I have seen it. but you know what I mean. from all the pictures. I loved Addy's dancing on the porch and liitle Kamorah's walking. I MISS THEM SOOO MUCH AND WISH I COULD BE AROUND THEM MORE!!!! LOve you too Sara and miss you, Spence and Nate. Well, gotta run. happy day to you. MOMMA