Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic Obsession!

I can't be the only one who stays up till the wee hours of the morning with Olympic fever..?? Sure I have DVR (with only a few hours left I might add),....but with 2 little ones that I don't want to ignore and a sincere hang up with watching something after it makes headlines, I have found myself chanting, cheering, and crying well into the AM's every night of these inspiring Olympics. I'm not kidding when I say I think I have seen every minute of NBC's Olympic coverage (except of course the commercials, and some of the daytime team sports- no offense water polo, I just can't handle thinking of you treading water that whole time, seriously? How? I can't watch it. You rock though.)

There is nothing like it! Seriously. The capabilities of the human body, the power of hard work and training, the setting and achieving of goals, the spirit of unity. I LOVE IT! It makes me want to go hug my neighbors and train for a marathon at the same time!

I'll be compiling a list of my favorite moments. I doubt it could be kept to a top ten. Far too exciting! Go USA, Go World!


Sally said...

I'm so with you! Oh, that weight lifter holding up the picture of his dead wife--sooooo sad!

Love that crazy Misty May. Hope the Chinese get stripped of their cheating gymnastics metals. The U.S. relay teams broke my heart. Happy for the Canadian Equestrian.

Okay. Seriously. Did you really watch rythmic gymnastics? Come on.

Mel said...

i hear ya girl! LOVE it all too. but can't wait to get a good nights sleep in just two more night! can't wait to relive it with your list coming up! (and YES, loved the ryhthmic gymnastics! can't belive how flexible and beautiful!)even watched the synchro swimming. love it all!

Anonymous said...

I'm so with you Sara. yes this is your momma and I will say that Dad, Kaylie and I have stayed up every night together watching the wonderful, amazing Olympices. we have loved it. we only wished we could of been there with you and Nate at the same time we were screaming and cheering also. what an exciting 17 days. and Yes, Sally, if you read this, I did watch rythmic gymnastics, I'd never seen it before. Well, my dear sweet Sara, thank you for letting Kaylie and I come and "move in" for a few weeks. we had so much fun with everyone. now I even miss you all more.(counting the days until Christmas..) love you, happy day, Momma

Anonymous said...

' hey, forgot to mention Spencer also when I said we wanted to be there with you and Nate. I meant to say Spencer too.(sorry)

Meg said...

What a great obsession to have!

janet said...

I bawled watching this weight lifter! Our family stayed up way too late EVERY night... and we still haven't recovered yet!