Sunday, November 14, 2010

November in Texas

For Today: There's just something amazing about being able to swim comfortably in the Ocean, IN NOVEMBER! ...and jumping in an ocean-side heated pool afterwards. :)


Tara, Doug, Isaac, and Lucy said...

You're very lucky. And I am so happy that you're posting again. Horray for me!!!!!!!!! I don't know if you have an invite to my blog, but if you'd like one, email me at I'd love to have your email anyway so i can send you our yearly Valentine:).

Susan said...

Ok you just made me soooooo jealous! I'm here in Montreal Canada, we've got tons of rain and wind today and oh ya, we really should be wearing coats too! But looking on the bright side, Eastern Canada got snow yesterday so I'll take that rain thank you very much LOL. Still wish I were in the warm ocean though.

Portraying Taylor Ashley said...

That sounds like such a blast! i would give anything to be anywhere but in the freezing weather in utah! hahah cute family! love the blog[: