Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We're All Together Again! (Final Week of Vacation)

In my family we love to sing. We can stay up for hours composing our own little numbers and inventing some great (well... we think they're great) routines. When we all get together we traditionally sing the chipmunk version of "we're all together again"! It has been quite some time since every single one of us has been together and since Seth will be leaving in a month on a mission for the LDS church, it was particularly exciting and fitting to share some all together again time~ in St. George Utah!

It was just wonderfully typical for my family (and that's not very typical). At the top of the list was the temple trip and our traditional testimony meeting. I have true gems for siblings and rocks for parents. They provide such strength and encouragement. There's nothing like those late night talks about the gospel and our life's joys and challenges. I love you all so much.

ALSO, there was...Lots of hysterical laughing... A plethora of singing, skitting, acting, dancing, and instrumentaling... Our annual Family American Idol auditions... Easter egg a huntin... MO-ped riding...Take turns meal preparin (sorry about the meat loaf guys)... Lots of swimming including our usual synchronized olympic judging and pool games, Let's hold hands and jump into the freezing-why do we always do this- pool together, March Madnessing, Volleyballin (somehow my team always won...hmmm.), Basketballin, Tennis matchin, Golfin, and just plain playin around.

It was one of those moments in time you think you'll go back to often to recall it's sweetness. Being with family is really but an earlier heaven...Especially being with our little Seffy- who we won't see for another 2 years... that amazingingly strong exemplary valiant man of a brother who we are so blessed to have in our lives. No doubt you will be able to share much of everlasting hope and love to the people in Florida. We will miss you but proudly send you onward!

I value these family revamping moments and consider them, as stated already but could never be adequately expressed, one of my life's greatest miracles.

PS!! I am going to be an Auntie again, twice! McKay & Heather have their first little one coming and Lauri &Keven are expecting their fourth child! YAHOOOO!!!


Marianne said...

You love to sing and you're good at it too! I love you're family!

Stephanie said...

What an amazing time!
I love the background, where do you find them?!

Rachel said...

What a great time you had. You have an amazing family, it sounds like. How wonderful!
I love hearing such positive experiences.
Hugs to you.

JAMIE Probert COOK~ said...

k, so now you need to send me a few of those really was great. I don't think you won EVERY time...and you didn't mention the tennis playing that I rock at it.

Really was a great trip. I have been waiting for a post about it. So fun

JAMIE Probert COOK~ said...

ps... witch doctor? Love it

Rebecca said...

Love seeing your family pics. What an example your family sets of how we should spend time and treat our families. Inspiring to say the least!

Bri and J-Rod said...

Wow Sara..looks like soooooo much fun. What GREAT family pictures! I really loved watching the slide show. It is amazing to see how grown up all of your siblings are!!

p.s. I have a HUGE stack of letters from you in middle/high school. I have had a blast reading and remembering terms such as, "Madhatters" "George" "Fred" "say hello to the sun" "RWH" and many more! You're AWESOME!!!

H-less E-less said...

Steph- got the background at

Cute hair!

Nate Probert said...

I was just looking through all the pictures and I was just so happy and laughing at most of them. We truly had such a great time. SARA! Im gonna be living with you in less than a month!! I haven't even talked with you on the phone yet about everything, but im gonna try and get ahold of you tomorrow. Been a crazy couple weeks for me.. I'll share more about it when I get there. Just in the middle of a great adventure thats taking me through things I never imagined. Overall.. I feel like i'm doin well. Anyways. This is your blog not email. Im just excited and have wanted to call. Love you. Talk soon