Saturday, November 17, 2007

Grama Lesee (Leslie) and Papo Bry Visit

What a treat to have Mom and Dad Lake visit us! It was simply wonderful. The first night they were here they toured our home, we talked, and took in a few minutes of "Pirates of the Caribbean" on our big screen. Thursday we walked around the temple grounds, saw Sally and Brad's place, and then drove by Spencer's work on the way to downtown. We made it just in time for Mom and Dad to see the Alamo.

After the Alamo it was onto the Riverwalk.
I wish you could've seen Mom's face as she walked down to it. We had not described it to them very well because they were clearly not expecting it to be such a happening place. It was such a blast to be with them as they were so excited by it all. The whole ambiance of the Riverwalk is just indescribable. We strolled down the river seeing the shops, restaurants, hotels, people and even the building illusions. We stopped right along the river at the Rainforest Cafe for dinner. Adelaide would take turns around the table asking each of us to take her inside to see the animals. None of us wanted to leave except that it was getting late and we were recording the BYU game to watch. So Sal came over and we introduced Mom and Dad to Bluebell ice-cream as we cheered on our cougs!

The next day Spence got off work so after we had our breakfast (eggs, bacon, and for Spence and Dad pancakes with chocolate chips) we headed toward Austin. We detoured through New Braunfels to see Schlitterban (ask Mom how to pronounce that one) and eventually find the Guatalupe River (which Addy was anxious to follow my lead and get her feet in).

Then we had to take them to some Texas Bar-be-cue at Rudy's.

We had a great time in Austin (where people were already tailgating even though the game wasn't until the next day). We toured the Museum, saw an exciting interactive movie on Texas, and self toured the capitol building.

Unfortunately, some good things have to come to an end and we only had time Saturday to go out for a true Lake meal (buffet breakfast at Golden Corral), an early birthday present reveal for Addy and more quality grandparenting time before the trip to the airport. We love you and were so glad you made the effort to come and see us in our new home!


val said...

How fun to have visitors! And I thought I was the only weird one that put chocolate chips in my pancakes! Yum.

Rachel Hansen said...

They are such neat neat people. You are truly blessed, Sara, to have married into that family. What a fun visit you all had!

Amanda said...

What a fun time! You are seriously making me want to live in Texas. Maybe we'll just have to settle for inviting ourselves over for a stay some time. ;)

RaeLynn said...

So...I'm assuming that there is a house on your street we can move into? Awesome. Can't wait to be neighbors! I'm with Amanda. You make Texas look like THE place to live! :)

Eugene Lakes said...

What fun memories & pictures. Thanks for sharing Sarah. We love you all so much.
Love Grama Lesee