Saturday, September 8, 2007

Things I am loving in San Antonio!

There is so much I am loving in San Antonio. First of all, my hubby. I swear he is even cuter here in Texas! We are too funny letting the "ya'lls" and "yes mam's" slip out already (as if we have been here for years). He just gets a kick out of the city and exploring all of it! He's the perfect travel companion and room mate. I am also thoroughly enjoying my girls! Who am I that I can even say that "MY Girls"! What a treat to know we all go together. That really makes living anywhere, paradise. OK. now onto the superficial. I am so loving my new fridge! WOW! For those of you who didn't know, we were fortunate enough to have a fridge in our last place but it was one of those small, 1950's type. The kind that when we went to Costco we found ourselves saying "if only we had a normal fridge we could buy that". Well folks, I feel so spoiled now! I've got space for everything and places to keep it easily organized. The spillproof, pull out shelves, ice and chilled water, freezer SPACE, oh' it's like the biggest treat I just want to eat and cook all day, finding excuses to go to it! It feels so great...which leads me to my next love:
BLUE BELL ICE-CREAM! If you haven't had it, you don't even know! Another double Wow please. Beyond tastebud good for this one folks. Straight cream from a texas longhorn, frozen up with mix ins of perfect allotment, texture, flavor and variety. hands down the best ice-cream I've ever had (and that's saying a lot). No wonder I am loving it in Texas!
Onto another one...CRAIGSLIST SAN ANTONIO! So I thought I loved craigslist in Utah but no, SA knows how to use craigslist and I can work it with the best of them. I have had many a midnight calls, being that first one to spot a great deal "i'll be there first thing in the morning to check it out". If you are saying to yourself " Craigslist? what's that?" oh boy' do you need to look it up on the web. I love it and therefore love my new washer and dryer ( I really scrounge around the house to find another load so I can keep doing laundry, that's how much I'm loving the washer and dryer), kitchen table and big screen tv that we have purchased off it. I know...I'm getting carried away but it is such a thrill to purchase something underpriced that I can greatly value. In all humility...I have to rank myself up there with the best of the bargaineers.
Lastly, but certainly not leastly...THE PEOPLE! It reminds me so much of my mission here. It is such a delight to be among people of all religions and races. To see such diversity and to feel like you have something more to share. I love the southern charm, the accents, the different quirky things that make then all Texans. I feel so happy to be here with them! We already love our neighbors. These are 2 of the 5 girls that live across (should that be acrossed? it's 3 am!)the street from us, Arianna and Tasha.


RaeLynn said...

That's it--we're moving to texas. LOVE your Craig's List purchases...and of course you are all looking great. I love hearing that you are so happy there! You deserve it!

Sally said...

Blue Bell is the best! We went to the factory on guys should go some time. Brenham's not too far from S.A.

I've got the Texas bug, too. It's fun to have pride in the place where you live. Go Aggies! :)

SusieQ said...

Sounds like you're adjusting very well to life in Texas! Love the pictures...keep them coming. You're a great photographer and your girls are too cute.