Sunday, September 16, 2007

So it's not even elven o'clock and I am finished with my Motherly duties (applause please) and it looks like I might (dependent on the duration of this blogging) make it to bed before midnight (another round of applause). This hasn't happened in a very long time, probably since Kamorah was born.

Our Little (in age) Kamorah Ann had her 2 month old check-up and shots this week. She is growing like a pro! She is in the 100th percentile(off the charts) for her height and weight. Coming in at nearly 15 lbs and over 25 inches long. Doctor said she is above average with her strength (umm of course, her muscles are bigger) and that she looks and acts more like a 4 or 5 month old. She even said that I could start her on solids if I wanted too (since they usually start that at 14 lbs or around 4-6 months). I think I'll hold off on that for a while yet though. It makes me so happy that she is getting the nourishment she needs and growing so well. She and Addy are already so different.

I must share the events of our weekend. First off Spence and I finally got to sit down and enjoy our first movie on our new "big screen". We watched the "Titanic" (and yes we fast forwarded a bit-believe me, I get embarrassed just watching kissing on the screen. I'm always looking around at other people in the theater searching for someone else who has turned away in embarrassment. Just can't handle it. Oh' and the first time I saw this movie I was with Michelle Carr, my February BF, and we were sitting next to a 10 year old boy who I conveniently started talking to about playing soccer at a certain point in the film. That just reminded me of a conversation I had with Mr. Hollywood when I was living in Florida. Oh' I love you Disney friends!)...I digress, So spence and I were cozied up to the winding up scenes when we heard a thud from upstairs. Of course we raced upstairs, especially since our concerns were heightened by the scenes of the movie, and there is Addy on the floor. I aske her if she fell and in the sweetest, not even sad voice she simply said "ya-ah" and pointed back towards her bed...and right back to sleep. Not a huge moment but a simple realization, once again, of how blessed we are. Here we were just watching this tragedy unfold and thinking how easily it all could be taken from us including our very lives... and yet we are all safe and happy, enjoying many pleasures and conveniences. Worried about a little fall. Addy seemed to be reminding us. Life is grand.
I wish I could find a spell check on here. I never get to write until late and don't re-read my entries, so I fear I am misspelling. Just don't judge me okay. I won the spelling bee in my 3rd grade class twice and made it to the final 3 in the entire grade. I didn't compete at the next level but am confident I could've done well. :)

We enjoyed some adventures seeings some San Antonio sites and the Outlet Malls on Saturday. I do not enjoy shopping. I love giving gifts, having cute clothes for my girls and nice things in my house, but I do not like shopping. I can enjoy a yard sale, craigslist, good will find, but it is really hard for me to spend money. We've had to do so much of it recently and I just don't get why I always hear women say their therapy is shopping. Wow-to each his own. :) We DVR'd some games, all of which were not exciting and one which was rather sad. I will always love my cougs. Rain or Shine, they are my team. There is nothing like BYU football.

Oh' I nearly forgot. We went to the High School football game after a newcomers social on Friday night. What a blast. You all know that Texas is the place for High School football. We get in free since Spence is faculty. Miss Addy was a hoot. She didn't want to sit by me because there were little kids a few rows up. So of course, she's off. Playing musical bench around them all. Acting like they've been life long friends. All the parents were laughing so hard at her friendliness. She would just climb right up by them. Everyone is so nice and everywhere I go I feel like everyone is loving my kids (and who doesn't enjoy that).

Tonight Spence and I were asked to give a fireside to the youth on Dating. I know we've only been here a few weeks but I love them all so much. I was just called to be the Sunday School teacher for the 16-17 yr old class. This is my dream calling right now and I feel so excited to do all I can to love and serve these great people. I really feel Father knows exactly what I need right now by giving me this opportunity.

So I am going to admit something. I like a Justin Timberlake song (at least I think I do). I heard only part of it but was actually moved by it. My first instinct was to quickly change that station but now I keep hearing the words in my head. It must be called something like "lost"...anyway, the words say "can anybody out there hear me, cause I can't seem to hear myself..." and continues, like a plea for help to be saved. For a moment I felt a reminder of how many souls are around me searching, in despair needing help... Overcome by addiction in all forms, sins and struggles that bind them. I wanted to shout in the middle of the song that I would help and that even more than me, I know the perfect healer. I don't ever want to forget or neglect helping someone feel the hope of the Savior to know that He does not leave you helpless or abandoned... and yet I am sure I have had opportunities already missed. I will be better.


Sally said...

Sara-I bet you would have kicked some behind in the spelling bee finals--I didn't even notice any misspellings. Of course, that may just mean that I'd be a horrible editor!

Anyway...sorry I didn't call you after the game. We were too sad and tired. We missed you though. We had 2nd row seats. We were even on TV one time a little after half time, did you see us on your ginormous screen? It was a fun game, with all the scoring, and I must say the football players look much bigger in real life! But it was sad to see the defense get crushed over and over again. The Tulsa fans next to us kept giving us a hard time. Anyway, the point is, we missed you. And I'll be thinking of you tomorrow while we're on the 12 person boat in Branson, just the 3 of us!!

RaeLynn said...

Awesome read Sara...I'm turning into a bawl baby though. By the way, I have seriously tried like 3 times to update my blog, and it's been totally jacked up! I promise I'm not trying to embarrass you :)

Jason Young said...


It's so good to read about how you and your cute little family are and how you guys are all growing in many different ways :)

I'm excited to keep in touch!!


Seth, Carrol and Emi baby said...

Once again, way cute pics and bloggin' Sara!

Nordfelt Family said...

Sara, when did you work at Disney? Before or after the mission. I love reading your positive blogs! Reminds of highschool when you were a source of sunshine on a stormy day for me (sounds like something you would write ;)
Miss you girl! Too bad we never got together when we lived 5 miles apart. By the way, there is a spell check up at the top of the "new post" right by where you click to add a picture.

Amanda said...

I love reading your blog. You inspire me to keep going on the roughest of's like my own personal cheerleader! :) You are seriously making me want to live in Texas. I'm glad you guys are doing great! And, Kamorah is the cutest chubby baby!

val said...

Hi Sara! Horray for blogs. It was so fun to get your comment on my blog the other day. This is such a wonderful way to keep updated on friends.
You're posts are so thoughtful and sweet. You are an amazing person.
Your girls are darling which is no shock. I can't believe Kamorah almost weighs as much as my Annie. You must make cream and I make skim milk!! :) I love seeing pictures of your cute family. Keep them coming!

janet said...

Oh, how I love those baby fat rolls! Both of your girls are so darling.. Thanks for the uplifting post, you spelling bee champ, you.

bentanelle said...

It is so great to be back in touch with you! I can't believe your little girls! They are beautiful! Keep the pictures coming!

Rebecca said...

Wow Sara! I am so excited to have found your blog through Kari! I feel very blessed to have met and known you. You have been one of my inspirations and continue to be. Thank you for being you and being such an amazing example to me and I know so many others! Your girls are absolutely beautiful! I have 2 girls as well! They are so much fun and such a blessing! Hope to keep in touch!

Brianne and Jarod Stewart said...

You haven't changed a bit have you? (And I mean that in the most positive and uplifting way) Ahhh..the good ol' days of West Jordan. Thanks for taking the chance to contact me, it has been so much fun reading what you and your amazing family are up to! I am excited that we will be living in Texas together!! (Only one more year in North Carolina) Keep up the fun blog!

Steve Probert said...

I am trying out the new speech recognition software on my computer. It seems to be doing OK. If I can train the voice completely then it will be able to print all the words that I say without mistakes. If you own Microsoft 2003 word it does have the speech recognition software package already included. More importantly than the speech recognition software is the fact that it may take less time to write to you. I was impressed with your blog. It is a sensitive informative piece of work that was a joy reading and used good taste in its delivery. Thank you for sharing with us all of those things that mean so much to you. I can’t describe how much Mora and Addy have meant to me and the family these last few months. It seems that they are so innocent and sacred that it they exude a feeling of purity we long to feel. We love to hear everything that happens with them.

koda said...

It was sooooo fun to see the photo's of the fam. and to hear how you are all doing etc... We all miss you guys sooooo much. The Chunker's is getting soooo big, I just want to "Chew" on her.
Keep us posted. We love and miss you. Give everyone a big and hug and kiss. Love you,
Auntie Sher