Monday, September 10, 2007

Sabbath Thoughts

They are too cute! Addy wanted to wear my bandana and did her cheese face because she was so excited! Mora just hangs out and goes with the flow. What and angel baby really. Our new sod is coming along, although texas grass just aint the same :)
I feel so thankful right now and so happy. Somedays I just can't believe what a difference the gospel can make. I am so honored to be someone who has been given such a gift.
I love living in Texas. I love the way I feel being here. I love the people that I am around and the chance I have to be a better person. Tonight we had a barbecue with our neighbors, who are perfectly Texan- with their house coverend in rustic texas crafts, their smoked ribs& beans, and their genuine sincerity and generosity. They just got back from a vacation to Vegas and even brought us home gifts. I feel so full of love and gratitude...Every Sunday since I've been here we've been at someone else's home for dinner. Aren't we fortunate. We Love you Texas!

Since Spence loves the mango salsa from Costco and I have been trying to pinch a few pennies, I decided to try and make some up myself. It is a thrill to chop and mince to me. I was loving it. The mangos, red pepper, green and white sweet onion, cilantro...oh' i was getting into it, acting like I was some great television chef, doing it fast and pro-like. Squeezing my fresh lime over it all. It was really exhilirating! actually tasted good. I've never been a mango salsa fan ( I think salsa should be hot with the tomatoey taste) but I couldn't get enough of it. It was just a pleasant experience and I am happy anytime I have a new creation that "works". Maybe now this will be my thing. Mom makes the best rolls, so in so does this so well... I can be the salsa maker..."you've got to try the salsa that sara makes" I can just hear it now. Come to San Antonio to try my Salsa! A ha!

it's late and I have a lot to do tomorrow:
-daughters to love, learn from and teach including an easy going baby ( who still requests to eat about every 2 hours) and a potty training explorer,
-a closet to reorganize,
-a new driver's license (including the driving and written test),photoetc..
-family doctor search
-grocery store purchases and other store returns
-(beginning to see the light) house organizing/unpacking
and of course the other usual, just moved to Texas things. I know we're all busy. I've decided thats how I really enjoy life-when there's more to do than time to do it.


Seth, Carrol and Emi baby said...

Oh Sara, it's so fun "hearing" from you! I love to read your blog and your upbeat and positive outlook on life. What an example you still our to our tiny family! You fit right in so perfectly with all those wonderful Texan people! I just had to tell you that I LOVED the mango salsa too. But when I was first pregnant with Emi, Seth and I bought some at costco and I ate one bite of it and then...well, let's just say that I will probably never try that stuff ever again!! I did love it before I was pregnant though :0).

p.s. Your little cute.

Sally said...

Can I try your salsa next time we're in town?

That's so neat that your neighbors brought you gifts from Vegas! Wow!

RaeLynn said...

Easy on everyone taking you in so warmly! That is great. Love your salsa story :) Want to fedex some up to Utah? Thanks--you're the best.

Kristen said...

Hello Lakes!!

I was just saying to Matt, "I am surprised I have not seen a picture of the Lake's new addition yet!!!" And here is your email announcing your awesome blog. What a beautiful new little girl and Addy is a knock-out like her momma. Look out Spenc. We missed some details. What are you doing in SA? My brother and so fun sis-in-law live there too. Bret and Charlene Conrad. Look them up in the Stake directory or something. They have 3 gorgeous girls too. Ages 4,6,7 (or close to that:)) We love you, Kristen and Matt Green

janet said...

Now this is the exact same Sara I remember from years ago (it's been what.. nine?) You're still the most positive, energetic, spiritual beautiful woman! How fun it has been to read about you and your life. What a good looking family you have.. your husband included, if I may. Oh- and those girls! What beauties. Can I borrow them for a bit? I am so lonely at my house. I just want a little girl to hang out with me in the kitchen and help me chop mangoes. Beautiful babies with such cute names. Okay, now I am starting to go off... but you are officially added to my fav friends list and I will be back to see more!
ps. my husband LOVES Blue Bell Ice Cream. He's not Texan but he lived there for a bit. I have yet to try it, so I guess I haven't lived yet.

Nordfelt Family said...

Sara, I am a fan of Mango salsa from Costco. However, they do not sell it at the Costco by me! I am dying. Post your recipe! I think everyone would love it!
Kelly Pettingill Nordfelt