Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I have been laughing so hard today. Just one of those days when you find everything, including yourself, hilarious. For starters Miss Addy, she is a hoot. So she is in bed taking a nap (or so I think) and when she wakes up I find that her diaper is off with little traces of what should be in the diaper, in the room (don't mind the details, but skid marks) with no real evidence of the actual remnants. So here I am searching in the room and closet for where she has had her bowel movement- laughing so hard. Then, sure enough, where everyone hides there mess, there it was under the sink in the cupboard. Now is that creative or what. It was hard not to laugh when we tried to reinforce the importance of "stinky" going in the toilet bowl. Be reassured that it all got cleaned up.

I didn't take time to write Sunday but it was such an uplifting and empowering day. Spence and I spoke in our Sacrament on the blessings of service and we felt such motivation to fill our lives with more charity. I love listening to and learning from Spencer. He teaches so clearly and is such an example to me.

We have been asked to teach the new member lessons to Taleah and her family. We are both looking forward to that. I haven't picked up Preach My Gospel for a while and I am excited to get back into it. It will be fun with the best companion ever! We sure feel like the ward is giving us opportunities to serve.

I know these are not recent photo's but I want to change up the site and add these to the side along with our story (thanks for the idea friends) and it seems easier to do once they are already posted... so no, I didn't have another baby already. Kamorah is 2 months now. I wanted to put a few up of the best experiences and days of my life...and boy was that a kiss!.. and the most amazing day!
...So a long time ago I tried to slyly wipe the excess sweat off our faces in some of our wedding pictures with a photoshop enhancement that wasn't so enhancing, so just don't look at the picture in it's full size, or pretend that you don't notice ok. Spencer is so handsome. He looks even better than pictures could show. Yea! I lucked out there!

We of course had to listen to the BYU game on the Internet since we don't get the Mountain. Yahooo! Finally, a weekend that my husband will talk to me because we're not too upset over a loss (just kidding). We just can't believe how much more exciting it is to have DVR. We just love being able to record and watch tv on our time. It is going to be so nice to be able to have that for Conference. (Any speculations on who the new Apostle will be ? Only kidding again. Brad and Sally already told...:) we sure are excited to go and visit them this weekend in Houston.)

We went to the Park on Addy's request 3 times in 2 days. I gave her a list of things we could do (and I was pulling for swimming which she normally would jump on) but she was insistent "Park? Park!!! Park!! Addy swing" (I'm digging the third person she's into now). So we pretended that it was 70 degrees with no humidity and sweated our afternoon out at the park on Friday. We were the only ones there the entire time I might add (I wonder why?).

I accomplished my big goal for the day- to sort through all the girls clothes and box away the next round of grown out ofs. There are many reasons I love having two girls and hand me downs are certainly one of them.

Onward ever Onward!


Amanda said...

I just took a few minutes to read all of the wonderful thoughts on the side of your blog. Some of them, I'm 100% with you! Others of them, I wish that I could be like. You know, you ARE what others think you are...you always have been. I read all of that thinking, "Can I get a shot of Sara every day?" I love your perspective and I'm so glad I am lucky enough to count you as a friend. Keep writing--and let me know when that book comes out. I'll be first in line!

RaeLynn said...

Work it girl!! You are a hottie. Love your blog updates :)

Brianne and Jarod Stewart said...

Love the update Sara! You looked really beautiful in your wedding dress (by the way) You and Spencer are such a cute couple, and the girls are just amazingly cute! I am so glad that we have had the opportunity to catch up! Keep us posted, and GOOOO TEXAS!

janet said...

Love the first picture of the dip and kiss... well, I like all of them but that one in particular. You have a beautiful family!

Maxmomma said...
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Mel said...

what a silly girl you have! hope addy does better with her "stinkys" in the future. so funny. kids seriously make me laugh!

Jenelle said...

You ought to write a book about life and happy living. You have a way with words and an attitude that rubs off on people. I am so happy after reading your blogs, cuz! I know you are making a big difference in the world, even from the homefront.