Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Singing in the Car!

Every family outing or vacation included much singing in the car. And let me tell you, we got into it! We worked out our harmonies, rumbling around in our over sized van, rolling down the windows to invite others to enjoy. Often we would already have made it home from some event only to see Dad drive by our house and around our neighborhood, not wanting it to end. We'd rock out any tune- from "Danny Boy" to "Under the Boardwalk", Hymns, Oldies, Broadway and Barbershop. We'd free style our own numbers and make up new verses and versions to familiar songs. But the Classic, from the top of the lungs, deep in the diaphragm, high in the falsetto, Super Fortissimo and (getting Dad really worked up): "The Star Spangled Banner". What cherished memories.

So today when I was driving around my own little crew (along with our little cousin Tyler) We started rocking out to the songs on the radio, then I turned it off and let them just freestyle. They each got to take turns singing whatever they wanted and then we would all join in. I could not stop smiling. My heart was happy. Just listening to them and sensing the joy they were feeling from singing. That's a miracle to me, those feelings. Those moments when you feel bursting, carefree, full of life, confident and excited. Singing in the Car just does that for me.

We pulled up to the house...and then drove by. One more song, around the block.


JAMIE COOK~ said...

This post is sheer happiness and memories! I am so glad that while you are far away from us (meaning ME) you are making new memories, yet keeping close to the old ones. It makes me feel a part of it with you.

You always like to make me cry. That horrible van, so many memories in it. Particularly the singing. As I was reading it I was saying, OH, she better not have forgotten the STAR SPANGLED BANNER.

It doesn't even have to be the car does it? Thanks for yet again making me cry.
ps i had a dream about you--call me so i can tell you about it

SusieQ said...

So sweet. I love hearing children sing. Our little guy made up a song today in the car. It consisted of only one word: Sunny. It was so cute to hear his little voice singing "sunny, sunny, sunny, sunny" Especially here where we don't often see the sun during the winter time. But it was out today!

RaeLynn said...

Ahhh, a great post. I have similar memories in our family van. There's just something about riding in the car with the family, and getting DOWN to jam. We did the same thing: harmonies, making up our own songs, accompaniment, the whole sha-bang. Thanks for helping me to remember :)

Sally said...

Thanks for including my little Ty in your joy. He had such a great time yesterday and loves you guys to pieces.

You're my hero, Sara. You already had so much on your plate yesterday and yet you took in Ty and managed to make a great dinner, too! A million thanks!

Rachel said...

I love singing in the car. I don't have a good voice, but for some reason singing in the car I feel like I have the voice of a superstar! ha.

Seth said...

This is living the dream. I love singing in the car and I love this post! I think Wayne and I singing to George Strait everytime we get in his car is so funny, but at the same time it's so fun and exciting! Our family can get into some good car singing as well, noteably Nate and Jake!!