Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I could just kiss you Michigan. Thank you for voting!
Mitt Romneywill win Michigan primary, CNN projects
Delegate Total

"No candidate should become the spokesman for his faith. For if he becomes president he will need the prayers of the people of all faiths".
-- Mitt Romney in a December 6, 2007, speech on faith

As silly as it may seem, my miracle for the day:

You made my week.


Sally said...

How does one go about kissing a whole state? Will you kiss each person individually? Or just take a map out and kiss the outline of the state?

H-less E-less said...

Well at this point I'd go for individuals... any Michigan Romney voters that want to fly here for a thank you smooch, I'd pucker up for. I've already blown a few kisses to the outline of the state on tv. Why, do you know someone who's interested? :)

Rachel said...

I take it you're a Romney fan??? ;)
Go Michigan!

The Dutkiewicz Family said...

Michigan! Go Spartans, Wolverines, Pistons, Lions, Red Wings, Tigers and all the rest!

A strong showing in S.C. and a win in Nevada and Super Tuesday looks good, really good.

In fact, I'm rooting for Thompson if not Romney in S.C. That would be best for Romney, if he has to come in second, to come in second to Thompson.


H-less E-less said...

Yes Rachel, you took it right, I am a Romney fan! And a fan of informed voters. Even if they side with another candidate (but of course I think they're crazy if they do) :)

Brianne and Jarod Stewart said...

Goooooo ROMNEY!

JAMIE COOK~ said...

Go Romney--i remember the last elections...do you remember how much fun we had? I am going to do the same thing this year...maps and everything. I am so excited!

Pamela said...

Just so you know, I'm from the great state of Michigan! If I were registered there, I'd vote for Mitt too. If he gets the nomination, I think my brother will vote for him :)