Thursday, October 4, 2007

I haven't had or at least taken the chance to write about our trip to the "big city," Houston (it is the 4th biggest city in the country, Spencer could even recite the top ten for you upon request) Ok- everything really is bigger in Texas! That city cracks me up, pretending it's just one city although it takes over an hour to get from one end to another. We would call it Ogden to Provo, but they just call it Houston. We loved it though. A few highlights you ask: we loved seeing Ty, Sally, and Brad (Addy especially-the two wanting to hold hands across the seat),

took a detourish jaunt to the coast which I always love, the cylinderical (you can make up words in your own blog) downtown buildings were awesome,

Texas rain is huge and forceful (like Florida rain I think- droplets so large you are instantaneously drenched), ate and loved cauliflower faux mashed potatoes, the temple is absolutely gorgeous (almost as pretty as San Anotnio's),

the outside of the space center is neat (I can still feel the rush of the shuttle launch I saw in Florida, unreal. Definitely in my top 100 life experiences) my husband is a good sport-posing on demand for pictures (are you still laughing like I am Sal)....BYU WON!!! And let us not forget to mention how proud we were that we made it back for our ward with only seconds to spare, and BYU WON!

All I have to say next is, Lou Holtz Pep Talks... If you've seen 'em then you know. Three minutes of some of the best of entertainment. I am still smiling thinking of it. For those blank minds right now, Lou Holtz is a former College football coach and every so often he picks a College Football team that needs a pep talk for their upcoming game and role plays what he would say if he were the coach. I love it. "happiness is only having a bad memory"...his lisp makes it even better. You'd love it.

Also, I love that Kid Nation show. I know it's been controversial "how could anyone let there kids be alone like that" but I find it very uplifting. It makes me feel proud of our youth and hopeful for our increasingly- technology induced- self indulging generations. You go kids! Show us that you can survive without video games and cell-phones!

Onto more important things: so I finally watched High School Musical 2! You know, I think there is a part of everyone that could enjoy these movies if they let themselves. I just get into it and pretend (I've learned from Lou) that I am back in High School, cheesing it up. I just keep hoping for a ward talent show or something that Spence and I can perform "What I've Been Looking For" in all its glory. I feel like I am even writing teenage. Onto adult life...

So, who knew that a parking break could get stuck? Yep, pulled up on the driveway, popped the p- break as usual but no release. Drove down the street (well pretty much glided because we live on a hill) then stalled at the end. Now we got the van parked on the sidewalk and hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to pretend that I am some awesome womanly mechanic who can figure out where and how to yank the cord to release it. I know this is going to sound strange but I actually get a kick out of these weird little dishes life serves. Just picture it...were only at end of our own street, van not moving, blocking traffic, Addy saying "Mom drive" nicely at first but then it turns upset as she thinks I am pulling some sort of punishment on her, Spencer waiting at the DMV for me to bring some info (and it closes while I am still stalled) neighbors wondering what I am doing, me asking random people walking by "hey, do you know anything about parking breaks" (as though someone would just jump right in with a 'yea in fact, I majored in mechanics with a focus in parking break functionality'). So funny. Oh' that might beat Lou Holtz out on entertainment. I really love my life!

Hope you are finding little quirks to enjoy in your days. I am so excited for this weekend. Conference weekend feels like Christmas to me. Life is grand!


Jenelle said...

I love reading about your adventures. It makes me want to get out and see stuff. I will always remember the shuttles that I've seen take off, from wherever I am in Orlando, when the shuttle goes off, I look up and watch. It is impressive, and I feel a patriotic and prideful feeling wash over me. There is nothing in the world like it.

Brianne and Jarod Stewart said...

GO HOUSTON! Jarod was surprised at the fact that it is one hour from one side to the other, but we will survive! I love the rainstorms there...sometimes they cancel work because all the roads are flooded..won't that be great if Jarod "has" to stay home?? LOVE the Houston temple..I actually know the woman who did the interior design for it, and I helped landscape it when it was being built :) Glad you had a great time!! Hopefully we will have a house for you to visit in the future ;)

Nordfelt Family said...

So, I just hope you guys perform "What I've Been Looking For" Sharpay and Ryan style! I could totally picture it!
Your stories remind me of when we had some crazy times. Like, when you delivered a monkey at the hospital-and don't forget all the GDG stuff! You're the coolest!

Kelly P