Saturday, October 20, 2007

You would've laughed

Picture this:I have a strange ear ache/pain that I have been trying to figure out. Spencer chooses to remind me of the Oregon boy who had a spider that lived in his ear and had to be removed by the doc...So instantly the pain I am feeling begins to seem like a bug...could it be? There I was, over the kitchen sink, intently flushing the ear out with a blue suctioner, water spilling all over me,...Unfortunately no spider jumped out and the ear still hurts, but it was hilarious to me. Please don't worry, I'm sure it's fine but I'll let you know if we find something interesting.


Sally said...

I once had a live moth fly in my ear--eek! I went crazy, it was so loud, flying against my ear dad got the tweezers to pull it out amidst my screaming, and he only got a wing! It still kept flying along with only one wing! Finally he got the rest of it, but everytime I see a moth I still freak out a little bit.

Here's hoping millions of baby spiders don't hatch in your ear!

Brianne and Jarod Stewart said...

I once had a Lady Bug fly in my ear in sixth grade! It was awful! I sat in a chair with my head tilted to the side and waited for it to fall out. I really wanted to step on it, but the office women wouldn't let me. I haven't been a fan of lady bugs since!