Sunday, October 14, 2007

A True Saturday!

So, I believe that Saturdays were meant for morning projects around the house and then...afternoon family fun time! Boy did we have a blast! We spent it in our very own San Antonio! We finally took the time to go together to the Riverwalk, Alamo, and other down town attractions/sites. There is such a vacation feeling here with all the visitors, friendliness and even humidity.

Here's how Addy Started the trip

First stop, the Alamo.

There is something very special about visiting a battle ground and reflecting on all that has been given for our freedom. How little I have been asked to do to enjoy the blessing of this country. How I am using this freedom? How am I honoring those who have given all they have for it?

After a few hours at the Alamo we went to the River City mall where we gave in to sitting in on a time share presentation for a free 2 night vacation and $50. If there is one thing that disturbs me it's people acting personal and interested in your life simply for the sake of making money off you (but that's for a different blog). I know I know, of course if we spend this $20,000 now we will end up saving money this year in vacationing. While I wish I could afford something like that, our Priceline and cheaptickets vacations have blessed us to be able to travel with much smaller expenses than the average. So, we were up front at the beginning, respectful and patient and they gave us what they promised.

Here's Spence and Addy at the wax museum

Next we spent some time walking along the river.

Such a beautiful place with a unique atmosphere. Not only is the vegetation so plush but it seems to put people in a different world. Lazily walking up and down, enjoying the feeling and casualness. I never felt like someone was behind us trying impatiently to rush by. We saw at least 5 wedding parties and loads of tourists. The little shops and restaurants are all contracted to have a sort of "blending" into the environment so as to not take away from it's nature. It's just a fun place to be! Oh' and I can't believe the reponse people have to our children. We were continuously being stopped with people wanting to interact with them.

Our next stop was the Old Original Cathedral where Davey Crockett's remains (and others of the Alamo hero's) are.

It was simply captivating. Although I can't say that I necessarily felt the spirit there, I was filled with a sense of wonder at the majesty of the building and reverence for the faith of the people who built it and those who now preserve it. I found it intriguing, amazing and yet something so apparently missing in it's beauty... Yet still sacred ground because it is a resting place for the bodies of valiant men.

This was as far as Addy made it

Our last stop was to Market Street (not only did we get a lot of walking in, but we sure got our- $3 in quarters plus free after 6:00pm -parkings worth)

It was all together a delightfully adventurous, informative,reflective and fun filled day out on the town with my funnest pals!


Jae said...

Fun to hear of your day out on the town! I saw a 'Trauma in the ER' on TV last week that was based in San Antonio and thought of you guys. We sure miss and love you...Jae

Sally said...

Don't you love our new Hometown? I can't wait to do the Riverwalk right. We basically just did a quick tour back on a really hot day. Now's a better season to spend some more time down there.

SusieQ said...

Looks like a fun day! Love all the pictures.

RaeLynn said...

Ok, EASY on that hat on Addy. What a cutie! And I love that last shot where she's asleep/falling forward. Classic :) What a great post.

Brianne and Jarod Stewart said...

What a fun family day. I am excited to take Jarod to the Alamo and River Walk someday when we live in Texas! Your family pictures are so cute!

Kelli Wilkinson said...

Family outings are the best! At least they are if you don't have screaming,crying kids! Your girls however are amazing...and really really cute too! You and Spencer aren't to bad yourselves!
Love you!