Saturday, October 20, 2007

Random Thoughts

I just love change. I love having big and small changes regularly in my life. Today: the furniture arrangement. Yes, I have only been here barely 2 months- so furniture is still in it's transitional phase, but we re-arranged the family room. Props to my Sweets (Spencer) for being willing to change our controversial television to (what seems to me) a less conspicuous and consuming location. I am thrilled with the change!

Yesterday was our neighbors birthday and so we threw a surprise party for him. We sat in the dark room for several minutes, with babies and young kids being shushed to not spoil the surprise. It was exciting and relieving when he finally came in. When we had him over for dinner he raved about my Parmesan chicken, so I had to make him some especially for his big day.

I can't wait to paint my house. I'm planning to tackle that a room and long weekend at a time. I love my home. Have I said that before? It is so perfect for us and I feel so blessed to be living here.

There are a few things I wish everyone in the world could have #1 The Gospel of Jesus Christ with all it's sanctifying, saving and sealing powers- #2 A loving, supportive, and trustworthy friend of a spouse, #3 Precious Children with all the joys they bring, #4 A Place of their own that they can love, learn and feel the spirit in.While I am so grateful that I have such a life, I honor those of you who can live so faithfully without.

My gals:

Mora smiles all the time. She tilts her head to the side like she is embarrassed and kicks/jumps. She moved into the crib in another room and of course it was hard for me the first few nights because I not only miss her right beside me in her bassinet, but I worry a bit. She sleeps great though and we are both happy. Addy has been sick but still so pleasant. We set up her new bed and she is so excited to have her books by her. She has let me round brush her hair- so cute

She makes requests for me to call specific people on the phone. Tonight Addy didn't want to have dad watch football so she asked me "momma tewn of da Td" to which I replied that she should ask her Dad (since he was the one actually watching it) and she said, just like the commercial, "Dad, have mom tewn off da td". So cute, Dad had to take a time out to read with her.

Speaking of Football...ten thoughts #1 My favorite play of the day was Colorado Quarterback's fake fumble. #2 Best game of the Day LSU vs. Auburn-I don't know why but I am liking LSU. And that final play- loved the gutsy/cray call. That's good football. Yet I am so sad for Auburn. #3 Oregon in their all white uniforms looked like the bad guys on Star Wars. #4 I wish we could've seen the BYU game. #5 Last week, Cal and Oregon State- I still can't get over the last second bad timing calculations of the QB- that's up there with the worst ways of losing.#6 I don't care if it's "plus 1" I really do not like the BCS- if it were significant I might pray for a play off- but since it's just football, I'll wait and see if the big wigs get with it.#7 If you're wondering how I can be a good mother and still know/watch these games, DVR baby! #8 I love seeing the reaction of the fans because, even if it's not a team I like, I can just feel it with them. I can't stand however seeing the zooming in on the losing players. It makes me feel so bad. #9 High Definition does make a difference (unfortunately) #10 I was really hoping USF would stay undefeated, I love under dogs, cinderella stories.


RaeLynn said...

Great post! I'm almost there with you babe-now I just need a place of our own that we fit into. We're bursting at the seems with this little 2 bedroom. Dahh well. I guess we should live it up while we're here...soon we'll be shoveling snow and weeding gardens (all though, I really don't mind the weeding).

Amanda said...

You know, there's something about Mora that reminds me a bit of Whitney...I think it's her eyes. (At least in that pic.) Your girls are so cute! And--wasn't that Colorado play amazing? Seriously--when did I get so attached to football? I admit, though, I'm happy to see so many big name teams losing to bad teams this year. Maybe this "disaster" might help convince those BCS Biggies that they need to create a playoff. I have a hard time thinking that they will ever be convinced, however, because they will always have their favorites. Anyway--the BYU game was good. It SNOWED at the end. So much that you couldn't see the yardlines. It was great!

Sally said...

Wow...a fake fumble? Awesome! Running the clock down and going for a touchdown rather than a field goal? Gutsy! Dennis Dixon really being a leader this year and walking all over Washington in the fourth quarter? Finally!! Mountain West network getting their act together so the nation can see BYU play? Not likely!