Sunday, October 21, 2007

More than words

As I was looking through Iphoto for some pics, I came across these and literally laughed out loud. I am still laughing thinking about them. Although they will probably not make sense to most of you, these are just some hilarious candid moments caught on film for me.
The reaction to the surprise splash,
The faking Mom out with the meteor shower,The grown-ups gone crazy routine,
The Sly Santa, And one of my personal favorites- The Synchronized Swimmers

~Oh' Life is meant to be lived with laughter!


bentanelle said...

Oh, your daughters are beautiful! You guys look so happy! Did your sister get married? I know, I am out of the loop! Keep the pictures coming!

Rachel Hansen said...

Love the photo from the water ride at Disney! One of our favorites, for sure.
You're absolutely radiant, Sara. Hugs to you.

RaeLynn said...

HAHAHAHA...the first one is hilarious. I love the massive splash, and the look on Jamie and your moms' face.

Brianne and Jarod Stewart said...

Sara..who is the girl in the sychronized swimming picture? That isn't your little sister is it??? Man if it is, I feel so old!