Monday, October 8, 2007

Conference Weekend Moments

I hope you don't mind that I share some personal reflections as this is somewhat of a journal for me. I love Conference Weekend! I feel so grateful to be a part of "the greatest cause" (Pres. Hinckley)! I think one of my favorite moments this weekend was when my husband came home from The Priesthood session. I always ask right away who spoke (so I know who I will miss out on) and for the details and impressions he had. He is always able to tell me that it was good. This time however, he snuck in with out me noticing and just came and hugged me. It seemed like I could feel the spirit coming off his body and I felt so loved and so full of love that I wanted to just freeze the moment. He didn't even have to say anything and I knew that the session had to have been wonderful. I am so grateful and happy to be given a chance at forever with this guy!

Reflecting back on that moment reminded me of President Eyrings counsel to remember the Lords kindness and I realized that I probably have moments like that throughout my days, that I am simply not recognizing. Moments that I could remember the Lord and his tender mercies. So I woke up today ready to be on the look out, and sure enough, I found them. From the moment I woke up with Kamorah (around 6am) I felt and saw how full of divine kindness my life is. Saying I am blessed almost sounds too light for the gratitude I am recognizing right now. I truly know we are watched and cared for from above.

The other greatest moment for me, which I would like to freeze forever in my mind, was when Elder Wirthlin was speaking. When he began to shake I felt fear and worry "is he going to collapse", "someone help him", "just stop and sit down if you need to"...

Then...Elder Nelson stood beside him. I thought he might be telling him he could end his talk. When Elder Wirthlin simply continued on, persevering through his shaking, Elder Nelson beside him, I was overcome with the sweetest feelings. I was watching two men who are not only called of God but who are so much like Him. I felt like I was witnessing two tender acts: a man so full of love and true charity, humbly supporting his friend... another man so pure in heart and conviction that he would continue to bear his witness, humbly, no matter how difficult. It felt like I was watching Apostles of Jesus Christ. I hope I can always keep that picture in my mind. Maybe next time I am tempted to not bear my testimony because I think it might be too hard, embarrassing, or inconvenient. Or when I might want to criticize or think less of someone else. For me, that was one of those moments where you see Heaven on Earth and you are changed for a time. You have the remembrance and it motivates you to become better. I had to write it down.

I'd love to hear some of your Conference Weekend Greatest Moments.


Brianne and Jarod Stewart said...

Jarod and I truly enjoyed watching conference. It is amazing to me that we could sit in the comfort of our own home in NC, and still feel like we are there. My favorite talks were given by Boyd K. Packer (I LOVE that our church is what it is due to "ordinary members") M. Russell Ballard (we always have the opportunity to share the gospel out here, and I am looking forward to making a small list with Jarod for FHE) Jeffrey R. Holland (I have never heard the facts stated why LDS are Christians better than by him!) Henry B. Eyring (I started to go through the journals that I have kept over the years...I have 10+...and read through them..writing in a journal definitely helped me to see the Lord's hand in my life! I am so thankful that he reminded me of that!) Claudio R. M. Costa (Of course I want to love, hug, and kiss my family. I love that he mentioned we should always be present in our parents were ALWAYS there to support us!) Douglas L. Callister (when WE KNOW..that WE KNOW..our knowledge and purpose will make life meaningful!)Dallin H. Oaks (I love how he talks about choices being me think that we have a lot more choices than others think we do :) he he he)

All in all conference was amazing! I was saddened to read from an LDS blog website the reaction of many women about the talk given by Julie B. Beck. I can not fathom why so many women would have such a hard time with what she said, and find it hard to believe that they are truly sustaining those called by the Lord to serve here on earth. My heart is full of sorrow for those women who do not understand the UNIQUE and AMAZING blessing it is to be a WOMAN and a MOTHER!

Brianne and Jarod Stewart said... I got too excited about sharing my thoughts and forgot to "proof read" my response. Sorry there are a billion and one errors ;)

Amanda said...

I didn't get to hear much of conference...but I did love listening to Elder Wirthlin talk about love and charity, even as Elder Nelson was supporting him and holding him up. It was an incredibly wonderful object lesson!

I also really loved Elder Hales' talk. I don't have my notes with me, (left them at my parents' house), but it really impressed upon me that even with the small things we are asked to do in our lives, we will be blessed by the Lord. i.e. I will know how to work out potty training or know how to motivate my 2 year old...because I am in the middle of doing what the Lord has asked of me.

From what I did hear, I really noticed how many talks were focused on why we believe what we do and what some of the most fundamental doctrines are. I guess that we need to remember why we live the way we do and be able to stand up for it daily.

Rebecca said...

Thank you for sharing your impressions of conference with us. I too truly felt blessed to have witnessed Elder Wirthlin's talk and watch Elder Nelson come and be his support. In fact I am going to have to re-read the talk because I was crying so hard and focusing on the act of love being done at the end that I could not focus on the rest of his talk. I love Elder Bednar's talk because he is so straight forward on what it is and how it is we need to be to enter into the presence of the Lord once again. He truly motivates me! I thought conference was so good this time it's hard to single out talks. Thanks again for your thoughts.

RaeLynn said...

Great post Sara. I love much coal to fuel my fire! I always feel like anything is possible after watching a weekend of inspired leaders. And I have to say that it truly was touching to witness first hand (I was lucky enough to be there) watching Elder Neilson standing with Elder Wirthlin. What great men they are!

Jenelle said...

I too was impressed by President Eyring's message. I began writing things down that I had seen over the past week that were blessing from Heavenly Father. I quickly filled up the paper that I had and realized how lucky I am to know where my blessing come from and who I really am. Thanks for sharing your experiences.