Thursday, February 28, 2008

THE haircuts...

One time in college while I was visiting teaching, a sister complimented me on my hair, and rather than trying to plead humble by trailing off some little excuse or complaint, I simply said "Why thanks, I enjoy it". I think she was a little taken back. I would be lying if I pretended to be bothered with my hair or have some issue with it. The fact of the matter is, I am happy with my hair just the way it is.

I get my hair cut from a "professional" (we'll most of them are anyway) about two (maybe three) times yearly and trim and layer it up myself in between. Aside from two haircuts that left my hair ponytail exempt afterwards, I have had long hair (As my sister would joke "her one true beauty").

I haven't really ever had a bad haircut, mostly I think because my hair grows so fast it would cover it self up shortly (however, there was that one time it was cut into this crazily dramatic V-shape in the back, but once again, it grew out quickly and I was back to normalcy)

I digress...So, I have had the two highlights of my haircutting life experiences at salons here in Texas. One when we first moved here and the other tonight. I am really still cracking up inside just thinking about them. I think most of you would've been smart enough to run (actually most of you would've been smart enough to not even go inside this franchise walk in place just because you had a coupon), but not me...Once I was inside I was so intrigued with how my hair was going to turn out and how interesting the people were, I had to stick it out (plus I have a hard time thinking I could make someone feel badly or create an awkward situation).

Because I am completely exhausted and still need to take some time to "survey the damage" I'll spare you all the details. You won't really believe it anyway.

For now, here's to my hair stylist, front teeth missing (it actually became endearing) stepped in mid cut so the other girl could go home early, Ruby (which you were named because your "mother and father thought sarcastically after your difficult birth that you were a real 'gem') being able to read my future by the shape of my head (you got it, I am right handed and I already have children)... for the face frame I asked you specifically not to cut... to your daughter (who openly shared with me how she is more man than woman) who stood around, hovering, chatting with us and calling people for you on the your boyfriend who you say has short man syndrome because you are 5'8" your cute grand kids that you told your daughter to quit having (sad)... for being over 50 and having your stylist license close to 30 years, for cutting hair even with shaking hands...for telling me how to lie at the beauty college to get a free facial... for recommending Suave as your favorite brand...for telling me all the secret tricks to great hair ie: soaking it in vinegar before and after swimming...for spending so much time on my hair and doing such a thorough job.

Really Ruby, it was such a treat to meet you. You made my week. I don't know what other setting I would've crossed paths with you. It was so refreshing to get a reminder that there are such entertaining people like you with such intriguingly different lifestyles. You remind me that I am not the only person here on earth but that I share it with many wonderful, unique people I can learn from. Thanks for being willing to share so much with a stranger. The whole experience was a little miracle to me.

As for my haircut, I kind of forgot about it actually... I'm sure it's just fine. If not, it'll grow out in a few weeks.

Would I recommend her to anyone for a haircut: No. Will I go back: Maybe.

What are some of your haircutting experiences? I know you got some good ones...

(I hope someday I get to sport something like this hip style, but I'm wanting to lose some of the excess cheek business I got going on before I try and place emphasis on it.)


janet said...

What a tribute! I kinda sorta wanna meet Ruby, but I think I got the rundown on her life.. so what's the point, right?

Unfortunately, my hair is not such a success story as yours is. It takes FOREVER to grow, is super thin and I have a ton of gray. It is not my greatest attribute, but then again, I don't use Suave. Should I switch?

Amanda said...

First of all--I think you're right--your hair could never look bad. Even with a bad cut, it just doesn't possess the ability to look bad! (And, BTW, shouldn't we all just say THANK YOU and let a compliment build us instead of tossing it aside?)

Anyway--I had been growing my hair out for quite a while and finally decided how I wanted to have it done, (long layers with a few shorter ones around my face). So, I went to my old stand-by, Dallas Roberts School, where I had never had a bad hair cut. Just looking at my stylist's hair, I was slight concerned--but when I left with mushroom head, I was devestated. She kept it long, but the majority of layers were from about my jawline and up. It was AWFUL! Nevermind that we had our first official family pictures in 3 days. I couldn't get my picture taken like that, so I went the next day to a "real" salon in Provo and had someone else cut my hair. She did better--but, in an attempt to give me some volume, lifted sections of my hair and snipped little chunks out. (Let me tell you--THAT was fun growing out!) It was quite the interesting experience all the way around!

Rachel said...

I have a Ruby in my life. Truly, I do. And she is certainly a gem.

Anonymous said...

I think if you want to cut it short, just do it. I donated my hair in November. It was a big shocker. But fantastic at the same time. (FYI: I have been blog stalking today and came across your blog. You can visit my blog janessaben dot blogspot dot com).

Bowles Family said...

Wow, you are brave. I probably would have stayed too simply because I would feel bad walking out, but i don't think I would have nearly as good an attitude as you (lucky lady with beautiful princess hair). Glad to hear it made your day. :)

Jared and Delia said...

You are truly amazing. If everyone had as wonderful as a perspective as you - this world would be a better place. I hope I can attain that same kind of perspective - because at this point in my life...I definitely would NOT have seen that experience the same way as you chose to. Kudos to you.

You do have beautiful hair - are you going to post a picture?

Timmerman Family said...

Sara, you are crazy awesome!
That is all.

Brianne and Jarod Stewart said...

Ha ha ha ha... You are one amazing gal...Can I pleeeeaaaassseee see a picture of it??

You would probably be disgusted with what I will pay for a haircut. (All because of the ONE time that I had my hair cut in Texas!!) When I was still attending Westminster, I chopped a huge braid off at the local salon. I was going for the shorter hair in front/pixie in the back look...which actually turned out good. The problem was when I went to get the "pixie" part of it trimmed in Texas. My dad was really mad that I wanted to go with him, but finally gave in. I told the woman that I needed the back just a LITTLE bit shorter, so that I could spike it out...well her definition of LITTLE included CLIPPERS!! ARRRRGGGHHH...I get sick thinking about it. As she started shaving the back, tears rolled down my eyes, and my dad's eyes with wide with fury....(He HATES my hair short) As sweet as my dad is, he was less than sympathetic at first, and that was when I started to cry...he didn't know what to do. I opened the door to our home, and my brother said...and I QUOTE..."YOU LOOK LIKE A BOY!" Needless to say, I cried for 3 straight hours...before my dad tried to "console" me in his silly dad way. (p.s. the woman cut my hair EXACTLY how hers was cut...)

Soooo...from that experience I REFUSE to go anywhere that looks "shady." The biggest reason why, is because sometimes my hair is the ONLY thing that make me feel cute...especially after the weight gain from being preggers!!! Luckily, Jarod's sister is AWESOME at cutting hair, and I have a friend out here who gives me a discount, so I am good for right now...

Uh oh..I am moving to Texas in 2 months..what am I going to do??

UR the best! (sorry about the lengthy response, but you asked for it ;)

H-less E-less said...

You all are so great, really, I love your honesty and that you shared the tragic hair events.

Janet, I love your hair color. I would never have known you have gray, no wonder you are so wise.

Amanda, Oh' good old Dallas Roberts. Did you have the fix up at the haven? That's a really great place, I went to with a discount once thanks to you suggesting it.

Thanks for the compliments that I truly wasn't seeking for. I totally agree with Amanda that I wish we could all be better about receiving compliments. I love my friends.

Brianne- Oh you are daring just for being able to get your hair cut short. I think you and I have very similar hair only you have been much for adventurous than I. The clippers though, oh' I would've died. I can so picture Papa Wallace too. SO glad you shared that.

FYI- I took my open scissors to it to even it out a bit and I am actually really happy with my fresh hair. You know how great it feels to have newly cut, styles and combs better, just feel lighter. I'm enjoyin it. I'll see about taking a glam picture of it to post.

Jen and Jeremy said...

Hey Sara! I don't know if you remember me from high school...Jenifer Williams (now Sorensen). I came across your blog and I must say that your little women are gorgeous!! It's so fun to see what you have been up to. Oh, and on the hair's been a while since I have seen you in person, but in high school you always were a walking Pantene commercial--seriously. Check out my blog if you get a chance--

Kelly N. said...

What a polite, loving person you are. I would have been out of there so fast!
As for the haircutters, I am very particular now. Luckily my hair is super easy. So, I want to know how much this haircut cost you...

H-less E-less said...

For the entire experience $11.95
...and did I mention that she frankly asked me what I was going to tip her?

Update: I few more days with scissors on hand for the off balanced pieces and I am actually really enjoying the haircut.

Andrea said...

Sara, I love reading about your funny stories. I also love seeing pictures of your sweet girls and listening to all of your music. You are the sweetest person and such an amazing example to me. Love ya and tell Sally "Hello" from me!!

Josie said...

Wow Sara...what an experience. I love meeting people like Ruby. They stay with you forever. Do you remember my 9th grade haircut curtousy of Shea in Brianne's garage? What a nightmare. I bet Andrew Blanchard I could wear it in a pony tail for 2 months straight...and I did. So sad. But if I wouldn't have let her cut it I wouldn't have the memory or the story. That's the price you pay.