Monday, February 11, 2008

To Those Who Fight My Mormon Faith

My heart is heavy right now. I wish I could respond to each of you individually and yet am unsure what would come of it. I fear I will not have adequate words to fully express my feelings and belief, but am compelled to make the attempt anyway.

I have recently stumbled upon many of your web pages, blogs and articles. criticizing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Some are written by skeptical members of the church, some by disillusioned members, some by former members, and some by people who have never been members of the church. Much to some of you alls dismay, my faith in the Restoration of Jesus Christ's Gospel has not faltered. While reading some of your harsh accusations and attempts at uncovering my eyes to your perceived truth, I have realized even more deeply my personal conviction.

You certainly are driven to share your opinions. Most of your sites are impressively organized,sometimes factual, and frequently updated with your research on the history of the church and its people. It is interesting the feelings I get when I enter one of your sites. I read a comment or post that so purposefully makes fun of something I hold sacred, I get upset, frustrated at your disrespect and misinterpretation, and then I feel sadness. Not because you are "opening my eyes" to the "real church" that I have been "brain washed" into believing in. Not sad for myself in anyway... Really, I feel sad for you. The motive of the information you share does not seem to be out of love. It does not seem to be shared for the purpose of helping others come closer to Christ, who Himself is LOVE. In fact, most of what I read seems to be driven by the opposite, hatred and disdain. I feel sad for what your life must be like, being filled with such hatred for something. I find it rather interesting that people can be so devoted to tearing something or someone down. I wonder what experiences you have had that have lead you to your conclusions. You make it very clear what it is that you do not believe, and because of this, it is hard for me to understand what it is that you DO believe. Your dedication to denouncing the LDS church seems to overshadow your personal convictions.

I believe that all men have a right to believe and worship how they desire. While I have strong convictions that differ from other people, I have no desire and no time to dedicate an entire blog to breaking down what's wrong with their beliefs. There is far too much truth for me to discover to take the time to meddle in all the untruths of the world.

Let's just say for a moment that my religion is what you say it is, a hoax. How are you personally drawing closer to God by spreading it's message of falsehoods? A Math teacher could not help students progress if she only taught the wrong answers ie. 2+2 does not equal 9. Why spend so much of your time focusing on what you consider not to be the way to heaven? Why not respectfully let us just carry on in our beliefs as you would allow any other church?

Could this be because it is not just any Church? If it were it would simply be left alone. (see Acts 5:38-39)

I have met many people of all faiths who sincerely believe in Christ and are striving so honestly to know Him. The invitation to Come Unto Christ is given to all men everywhere. I would never want someone to feel degraded or disrespected in their efforts to worship Christ. I do however, invite the honest, humble seeker, to ask God for themselves about The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and it's claims to be Christ's church, one again on the earth. For having this knowledge has made my Coming unto Christ all the easier (although I am certainly still struggling and striving).

I would so much appreciate your respect and toleration of what may appear an extremely bold religion. It is an extremely bold religion.
I hope you will forgive the imperfections of the people who practice it.

If it is true, that Christ has brought back His authority on the earth, it's a miracle.

And It is true.

I wish you well on your journey.

"Behold, he sendeth an invitation unto all men, for the arms of mercy are extended towards them..." (Alma 5:33)


Rebecca said...

It's interesting that you write about this, only because I had a similar experience with similar feelings you have had on the same subject.

I was in the grocery store about a week ago and ran into a man talking the ear off of a woman working in the store. My ear especially caught onto the conversation when this man said "those "Normans" (he meant mormons but this showed me he knew little about the church) are all going to hell." He stood there for another 5 minutes speaking untruths about the church and telling this girl that she could go to any church she wanted to, but to stay away from that "norman" church.

After the man finished he walked away and I turned to the girl and said "man you certainly got and earful". She then smiled and said "yep and that was the second round today". I simply told her that I was a Mormon and that none of what that man had to say about us was true.

Contemplating the situation I had similar thoughts to yours in that I wondered why people have to spend so much time and energy talking down the LDS church. It would be so much simpler to declare your doctrine and let it speak for itself. This experience stregthened my testimony in that it gave me peace of mind knowing that the doctrines of the LDS church can hold it's own, because they are true! Truth speaks for itself and because this is the Lord's church how grateful I am to know we can spend our time and energy loving and inviting people to come unto Christ instead of tearing people and other religions down. Loving is and energy booster and hating is a energy drainer.
Thanks again for your bold testimony. It has helped stregthened mine. Isn't it you who always said "Celestial Bound...bring a friend"? Well you are bringing more that one I can tell you that!

Josie said...

Sara I don't know how you always put things so frequently say what's in my heart but won't come out of my mouth. I just need you to always walk around with me and be my little mouthpiece.:) Thanks for writing what you did yesterday. I couldn't agree with you more but as you said it, I get frustrated but my frustration just leads to sadness...for them. Then my sadness turns to gratitude for my own testimony and for the joy that I have because of it. I miss you!!!

JAMIE COOK~ said...

Ok, so when I first started reading this...and you said I wish i could respond to each one of you--i was thinking you were meaning me...then, I read on about criticizing the church and said..."I Don't do that. What is she thinking?"

Anyway, just some humor to a serious situation. It all is so disheartening...and sad. I truly feel that our dear friend MItt was wronged simply because of his faith, his never ending, never failing faith....

How sad is that? Because you beleive in something that is true and good and just you are misliked and misunderstood. You have better patience than I do with those misunderstandings...I just get upset lately and tune out.

I appreciate your love and words and hope others read and listen to the truth of what you are saying.

Thanks sis i love you

JAMIE COOK~ said...

One more thing...I am sad that people instead of going on their merry way and preaching whatever truths they believe decide to just preach about how mormons are evil and wrong..

Why would you even be intersted in attending a church that bashes others? I don't get it? How does that make you feel of the spirit HUck, tell me please?

NM said...

Thank you for your kind words Mrs. Clean Cut =)...oh, and thank you for the warning =P

I resonate with the sentiment behind what you have written. I (like you) encounter individuals - for which some are well-meaning, but the for the majority (and like Rebecca's example above) are people who are just insanely ignorant of other people's beliefs.

The kinds of people I encounter whenever I engage in a conversation about who Jesus is - not only do they not know the historicity of who He is, but are also VERY lazy in their thinking when it comes to sharing something of their own life-philosophy =) It seems the urge to be a relativist in this post-modern society has been running itself more subversively than I have imagined =) Hmm, I guess these are some of the implications of living in a relatively peaceful society: we have become desensitized to the suffering which is very present and real in our world so we are more inclined to mess around with ideas that there might not be a God or there might not be such things as absolute truths and morality or law and what not =/

I have digressed.

Anyway, again thank you for you kind words and as ever, ever-hovering =)

NM said...

Oh, and I generally use the KJV. I started a New Testament Greek class six months ago and my tutor tells me that the KJV is by far, the most literal - which is good for me I guess.

Saying that, I also use the NASB especially for reading through Paul's letters. And I love reading 'The Message' for when I read the gospels. It isn't a literal translation by any means, neither does it claim to be, but the translators did a great job at capturing the drama in the dialogues between Jesus and those who tried to trip Him up! =)

3in3mom said...


Thanks for your words of testimony. I appreciate you standing firm in your faith and saying what is dear to your heart--and so elequantly.

love your very optimistic blog--makes my day.

Clean Cut said...
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Clean Cut said...
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H-less E-less said...

Rebecca I love you and love that you were there at the grocery store when you were. Good timing. I totally agree with you! The doctrine (with the spirit) should be able to speak for itself.

I am happy to know that WE are not in charge of saving souls. That's the Lord's work. WE are responsible for sharing how He we have come to know him.

Just glad there are people like you.

Josie, it's strange how we can have a missing for people who haven't been active in our lives, but I sure miss you too. Take a chance to say hello to the sun!

Love that you let your frustration turned sadness, lead to joy in testimony.

Amanda said...

I am ever amazed at the ability you have to so concisely write what you feel. I often get so tied up in my emotions that I just don't get to the point of words. Thank you for sharing your testimony. I love what you said in your comment--that WE are not the ones who save souls. We simply live our lives and offer our experience so that others may know where to turn when they are ready.

The Dutkiewicz Family said...

Fear-less, Doubt-less:

Thanks for the blog. I have two questions to those who attack the faith:

1. Are all Mormons going to hell? No, really, I need to know. Because if all Mormons are going to hell, then, well, let's go. We'll divide iy up into wards and make hometeaching assignments and get on with eternity!

2. If I am brainwashed, won't God forgive me anyway, even if "they" are right? So why not be obey the commandments, live a good life, and be "wrong", if I'm still going to heaven anyway?

I may not make any sense here, but you get my point. Those who criticize the church have their reasons. "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord...and hold to the rod."


Teresa said...



Continue to go forward with faith and love. You are beautiful!

Pink Posts said...

The persecution and criticism only proves that the church IS TRUE!! All positive energy and love flows through the Savior...the only other source is him who fights against the truth, the ruler of the darkness. Just keep walking in the light and keep your focus on HIM who is the source of the light. His light will radiate through us, and those who are attracted to and looking for the light will notice. Even the critism will draw attention to the honest in heart and the seekers of truth and it will do more good than we can realize. Truth will prevail. And we will grow stronger through persecution.
2 Corinthians 12:9-10 "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong."
HE will bless us as we stand up for what we believe and continue to testify of HIM and "be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord..." 2 Timothy 1:8

H-less E-less said...

Pink posts-
Thank you for your testimony and scriptures. I agree that we should continue to seek light and others who are seeking will be attracted to it.