Saturday, February 2, 2008

Wind Chimes, Truth Tellers & No Pass Along Cards!

What an incredible week. The emotions and spirit that I have felt have lifted me to higher heights. I'm determined I need to be better and...that I can be. Because of this wonderful feeling it has been easy to see myself surrounded in miracles.

WIND CHIMES-We never had one growing up. They seemed the kind of thing you'd see around my grandma's neighborhood or being sold randomly on the side of the streets on a road trip.

One day after I layed Kamorah down for a nap, I opened her window to allow a breeze to come through. Later as I poked my head in to check on her, I heard the delightful song of a wind chime singing through her open window. I peered over her crib, gazing at her, feeling the warm breeze blow through her curtains and hearing the sweet lullabye of the wind. Looking down at her, peaceful, tender, calm. It was so pleasant, so still, her slow breathing in and out, the perfect temperature, so serene, so beautiful. I wished for a moment that I was her and I could curl up in her little crib and leave every burden there. In a way,I guess I did. After taking the moment in, I left her room feeling carefree.
I am thankful that the neighbors have a wind chime...otherwise I might need to go find one of those roadside markets.

TRUTH TELLERS-Something I greatly appreciate, are people who just tell you like it is. The real friends who want to "help you out" by letting you in on their perception. There are the traditional classics: "You have something in your teeth", or "your zipper is down". Sometimes we even ask for it starting our questions with " can tell me the truth..." Some of my personal favorites have included,"your hair looked better longer", "woa, you got the pregnant nose", or "I think those jeans are fitting you tighter". Children seem to be the best at this no nonsense truth telling. They have no concept or intent to offend. They also delight in small discovery and pointing it out.

On Saturday morning Adelaide woke up and came and jumped into bed with me. I love snuggling up with her and just starting our day off hugging. I wrapped myself around her and leaned my face right up against hers, talking right in her ear, asking about her sleep and making our plans for the day. In the middle of my talking, she pulled away from me, looking at me a little puzzled. I could tell she was trying to figure out how to say something. She looked at me intently, jumbling a few words together until she happily got it out.

"Mom, you need to brush your teeth?"

The laughter consumed me as I realized she was trying to figure out a way to help me out with my morning breath. What a sweetheart. I hope this is only the beginning of s lifetime of honest truth telling from her. I could really use some more of that.

I don't always pray to have missionary experiences. I know if I did, I would have them. As I contemplated President Hinckley's passing (I like using that word because it makes me feel like he just walked into another room) I was saddened to think of all the people in the world who didn't know him. This thought as well as the words I have listened to from the Prophet, have lit a little fire with in me. I have felt the yearning pressing feelings to open my mouth more so that others can know we have a Prophet today. Obviously Heavenly Father was aware of these feelings when he sent a painter to our house on Wednesday. From the moment I answered the door, I knew I had to share the gospel with him. I am not normally afraid to talk about the church, to mention things to friends, to talk to strangers, I rather enjoy it actually. But when Heavenly Father makes me feel like "you can't let this person out of your house until you share something significant with them" ...then I feel the pressure.
As he painted different rooms in our house (he was here to paint over repairs that had been done), I was searching for a pass along card. I was nearly frantic about it... we have a million of those things. I looked everywhere and couldn't believe that I could find no pass along cards. That meant I couldn't just give him a card, try to pass that off as "sharing something significant", and hope for the best. This was going to be a bit more difficult. What could I do? The pressing feeling continued. I recalled a picture of the Savior that my sister had just sent me (thanks jamie, wink wink) and decided that I would write the church website and telephone number on the back after I non chalantly asked him if he went to church.

I heard him coming down the stairs and in his steps I heard another "you have to tell him".

I stumbled over something about him being done, not really caring now about the work he came to do but how I could get past that. Then I just cut right to it because it seemed like I would feel uncomfortable until I did. I prefaced it by saying that I hoped he wouldn't find it strange of me to ask, but "are you Christian?" He said yes and told me that he knew I was because of the pictures in the house and how nice I was (this certainly made me feel good). I asked if he went to a church. This stirred him to open up about his life... trying to raise 3 children, his teenage son who is struggling, how they found the church they attend, and how they have found hope in Christ. He seemed to really trust me with the details of his life and I knew that was probably a sign of the comfort that the spirit brings. I felt so much love for him and his family, I was genuinely interested in hearing about him and his life. I felt a bit like a missionary. Those moments when you are able, somehow, to love someone at first meeting. It's as though the Savior lets you borrow some of the love he has for them and you seem to feel it beyond yourself.

I don't remember exactly what I said but I had a calmness come over me as I shared with my church with him and how I have been able to learn more about the Savior through restored truth. I couldn't tell if he was interested. I only know that he was listening and that I felt so good saying it. He very graciously accepted the picture, telling me they had been wanting to have one up in their home. And with a smile, he was gone.

I was on a cloud. Rejuvinated, full of joy.I wanted to just find someone else to tell, that minute.

I know that we need to share the Gospel because people in the world so desperately need it. But I also know that we need to share the gospel because WE so desperately need it. I needed to have that lift ,that increase of testimony, that thrill-that only comes when we share our witness and testimony with others. I feel like I haven't had that for a little while. It was a miracle to feel... that feeling that you have possibly opened the door, even just a smidge, for one of the Lord's children.

"To be part of that miracle, you must not wait until you feel closer to Heavenly Father or until you are sure that you have been purified through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Pray for the chance to encounter people who sense there could be something better in their lives. Pray to know what you should do to help them. Your prayers will be answered. You will meet people prepared by the Lord. You will find yourself feeling and saying things beyond your past experience. And then in time you will feel yourself drawing closer to your Heavenly Father, and you will feel the cleansing and the forgiveness the Savior promises His faithful witnesses. And you will feel His approval, knowing you have done what He asked of you, because He loves you and trusts you." (Henry B. Eyring, “A Child and a Disciple,” Liahona, May 2003, 29–32)


Rachel said...

Good for you, Sara, for heeding to the promptings you felt. That can be so hard sometimes.
You may never know the impression you made on this man, you may never know what came of it. BUT still. You followed the spirit.

And as for the morning breath! My kids just come out and say it now. "Your breath stinks!!" Enjoy Addie's sweet way of telling you while it lasts.

Sally said...

Wow, Sara! Great experience! Thanks for sharing that, and the AWESOME quote by Elder Eyring, too!

JAMIE COOK~ said...

I needed those beautiful pics---of course, I cried...of course...

A few things--MORA, is she crawling? Andy can't do what that pic has of her on her hands...hmmm

TRUTH TELLERS---you know I am your truth teller ( I don't do anonymous comments for one thing...)

SOmetimes people make me laugh at how they THINK they are being honest. For example, I had a meeting yesterday for church. I came right out and said if it wasn't my calling I would not go out of my way to go to a VT workshop. People just started at me....I thought it was hilarious.

I really know I am not the ONLY one who thinks that. It is hard enought to bundle up Andy...and if I am going to go out of my way to leave my freezing home, it would be for a fun activity, not one in which I am going to be told how I need to be a better VT...

NOw, sara, you probably would go to it..but I truly and honestly am only going because I HAVE TO.

Having shared too much..

I always have a passalong card or two stashed in my car. I have plenty in English and Spanish. I am glad cause I usually want them when I am on trips. So, the car is best for me..

I loved this post. I love your opps...keep it coming

k-dub said...

I felt the excitement of your experience and actually had butterflies in my stomach! Good missionaries never end their missions I guess. Thank you for taking the time and following the promtings of the spirit to do the Lord's work. I love you for that.

JAMIE COOK~ said...

I didn't even c0omment on your missionary experience I realized...I think I was too baffled by the fact that you gave him THAT picture...did you explain things as you gave it to him if you know what i mean...please please please.

Anyway--I am so glad I have a sister who knows how to follow promptings and knows her heart and is guided because she keeps the spirit with her.

I am sure people feel it the second they enter your home.

You guys I KNOW are going to bless so many others just by being you and loving the gospel. Keep it up. I love it. It inspires me to do more--i know, even in utah missionary work can be amazing.

H-less E-less said...

Jamie- I did explain the picture and he really appreciated it.

Mora is crawling. Remember EVERY BABY is Different..they have their own timetables. Mora got up on her hands and knees much sooner than Addy did, but Addy crawled better faster. Mora did this up and lunge thing for a while, but sits up and crawls now.

They don't have to do things at the same time by any means, just make sure you give her plenty of time to try and use those muscles and bones. Things change once they start crawlin! :)

You sure are a truth teller and I so appreciate it! Love your honesty and also love that you let me be different than you.

I sometimes start out not wanting go to a meeting, but rarely end the meeting feeling that way. This is probably not the case with you, but I usually find if I am not particularly wanting to go, it usually means I need it more. Like that Brigham Young quote- when you don't want to pray is usually when you need to most.... Really love your thoughts

truebluejae said...

Your girls are darling. That's so fun that Mora is crawling! She looks so much like you, Sara. But they both got some of Spence's good features, too.

Amazing experience--I'm so glad you acted on your promptings. I know that feeling and it is hard to know exactly how to 'break the ice' but I'm sure it was just exactly how it was supposed to be. Thanks so much for sharing with us the seed you planted.

Rebecca said...

Thank you for sharing this missionary story. When ever I hear a missionary story it gives me the courage to want to share as well. There are few greater things that can give us the joy that comes from sharing the gospel with somebody.

Brianne and Jarod Stewart said...

Can I come and spend a DAY in the life of Sara?? Pleeeaaasssee!



Jared and Delia said...

You are awesome. Thanks for sharing - that is so neat.

I love the story about Adelaide's honesty too. Kids are great.

Nate Probert said...

Sara.. I dont know why but I literally come to tears every time I get on our family blogs. I cannot understand how even through the internet I Have the spirit jump straight out of your words and fill me completely. I feel like I shared the experience with you, or that I just had my own experience and I want it again! Miss you